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Ideas for Sci-Fi story or Stellaris RP: 1/11/2021 20:20:55

{Canidae} Kretoma 
Level 58
Reform to incorporate it as a sub-nation of the Empire

Congress reform:

The house of Representatives becomes the primarily house with being withheld the ability to pass laws only by a 2/3 majority of the Senate.
It gets enlarged from 435 seats to 870 to better represent the status of the USA as a large and powerful nation inside Gaia. This roughly gives every 380k inhabitants one representative (note this does not affect eligible voter numbers).
Gerrymandering is made illegal as it affectionally not only punishes honorable states, but in essence puts states against each other which is inacceptable in a union. This however is right now only a symbolical decision as seats are assigned purely proportional anyway.
A party has to be elected by at least 1 million votes to get into parliament.

Current House Party-Factions: Natives, Socialists, Greens, Social Democrats, Liberal Democrats, Conservative Democrats, Neoconservatives, Libertarians, Neoliberals, Mormons, Patriots

Senate reform:

The general overrepresentation of smaller states is kept, but reduced. The Senate also gets enlarged to 149 seats. The Senators are now representatives of their home state governments:

General idea:
lower than 1 million inhabitants: 1 Senator
1-3.5 million inhabitants: 2 Senators
3.5-7 million inhabitants: 3 Senators
7-15 million inhabitants: 4 Senators
15-30 million inhabitants: 5 Senators
more than 30 million inhabitants: 6 Senators

examples by region:

US territories: 6 senators
DC: 1 senator
Federal Region I: 13 senators (New England)
Federal Region II: 9 senators (Middle Atlantic)
Federal Region III: 14 senators (Core-Belt)
Federal Region IV: 27 senators (Deep South)
Federal Region V: 21 senators (Midwest)
Federal Region VI: 15 senators (Far South)
Federal Region VII: 9 senators (Center Pains)
Federal Region VIII: 10 senators (North Plains)
Federal Region IX: 14 senators (Pacific States)
Federal Region X: 10 senators (Northwest)

The United States of America has three obligations to the Empire:
1. Train and build all reconnaissance forces of the Imperial Space Forces including intelligence services
2. Rate the performance of the Imperial Economy in a variety of factors
3. held backup resources for essential goods for the planet in case of crisis

Next up: sub-nation of China
Ideas for Sci-Fi story or Stellaris RP: 1/11/2021 23:25:57

{N.W.} Hi
Level 59
A United Deep South and a divided everything else: I am the senate
Ideas for Sci-Fi story or Stellaris RP: 1/11/2021 23:32:26

Level 58
i mean if you have stellaris we can do multiplayer roleplay

i have stellaris
Ideas for Sci-Fi story or Stellaris RP: 1/11/2021 23:40:38

Level 57
multiplayer roleplay

only if it's sexual
Ideas for Sci-Fi story or Stellaris RP: 1/11/2021 23:58:46

{N.W.} Hi
Level 59
Ideas for Sci-Fi story or Stellaris RP: 1/12/2021 01:21:43

Level 58
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