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Idle annoyances: 12/23/2020 20:19:18

Level 62
Is there anything that annoys you in the Idle game?

For me there are two things that annoy me constantly:

1) On desktop, whenever a bonus is conquered, the map zooms out to highlight the bonus. So if you are back after some time away and accumulated enough armies to conquer a chunk of the map you have to constantly zoom in, conquer, wait for zoom-out animation, zoom back in and try to find the place you were attacking, etc. This does not happen on mobile, which makes it even more annoying.

2) Hunting for the draft icon on large maps, especially on mobile. I use "sea green" color, and as a result on large maps whenever the draft icon is near water (or just a bonus with blue borders) it is virtually indistinguishable unless zoomed in (its blue-ish color is close to sea green, and combination of blue water and sea green completely masks that blue glow. My vision is close to 20/20, so that should not be the problem). But on mobile on large maps it is very hard to scroll around the entire map with sufficient zoom to see the icon. The expanding circles made it a bit better, but they don't start immediately, and IMHO on large maps they don't go far enough before fading

P.S. another understandable but still annoying thing is to having to swap various passive artifacts in and out for one-time actions. E.g. draft boost artifact, hospital other discount artifacts, etc. Sure, we are not forced to do that, but since it is possible... :) The limit on the number of artifacts makes sense when it comes to artifacts that work "over time" or for "active" artifacts. But passive artifacts that only work when a human takes an action (collects draft soldiers, upgrades a hospital, etc.) can obviously be swapped in and out, at the expense of a very little but annoying time investment. At the same time all of those artifacts are useless to have them all the time, so if the answer to the above annoyance is "no one forces you to do that" then, well, those artifacts are just useless. I understand the idea of "some players work harder to get ahead", but this particular type of "work" is just annoying, especially since there is no benefit to Fizzer (e.g. no way to buy more artifact slots for coins)
Idle annoyances: 12/23/2020 20:28:36

Level 63
1) Next update should have some sort of setting so you can disable the zooming out, see https://www.warzone.com/blog/index.php/2020/12/update-5-07-9/

2) I think it would really help if the circles that go towards the location of the draft would be more frequent and be thicker, so they are more clearly visible, and easier to follow.

PS) The point of restricting a player, is to force them to make choices, By only being able to use 3 artifacts at once, you are forced to choose which one you are going to use. You can then either sacrifice the ones you dont use to improve the ones you do use, or micromanage your artifacts and swap them around as needed.

As with everything in idle, if you are willing to put in the work to micromanage it, you can get a slight advantage. That applies to every aspect of idle, including smelters, crafters and artifacts, auto conquer, etc
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