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Auto-advancement: 12/22/2020 17:12:49

SubLunar Unit 
Level 60
Since the introduction of battles many people have been talking about auto-advancements. In the battle lobby it says that auto actions do not count as actions and therefore auto advancements are very valuable. Well, I guess generally it may be true but the better the auto-advancements the harder it is to keep a low profile in the begging of a battle. Usually such an auto-advanced player is hit hard and their chances are somewhat diminished by that.

Considering challenge levels auto-advancements are absolutely needed of course.

Considering normal levels, well, I could definitely use some of them but not like this.

Having typed all of the above here comes the point: Is it possible to change the auto advancements handling so that there would be a slider to set the desired percentage that that particular auto-advancement should work on beside the basic on/off toggle?

I think this would make the auto-advancements much more usable in normal levels not to mention battles. For example I would like to auto-upgrade army camps in a normal level but my auto-upgrade advancement is at 50 % now so it would be impossible to save any money for anything if turned on. But if it could be set to, say 5 %, than it would just take a small amount of my money in case I really was a rich man but would not cause any trouble.

And yes I know there should probably be a minimum value (5 % perhaps) for each of the advancements so that they could not be completely turned off in a battle.
Auto-advancement: 12/23/2020 19:35:35

Level 57
Seconded! I have maxed auto attack and can’t finish above 10th due to getting attacked so much in the beginning of the battle. Due to the multiplying of armies for each attacked territory I have to overcome way more than I would if I laid low in the beginning...
Auto-advancement: 12/23/2020 19:43:38

Level 62
Definitely needed.

Using AP to buy these advancements that are questionably useful in normal WZI, very helpful in WZIC but seemingly very harmful in WZIB is not logical, and this needs fixing. Having a dial is a basic necessity of this, and adjusting these shouldn't count as an 'action' b/c it's just modifying the impact of the auto-effects.
Auto-advancement: 12/23/2020 20:36:09

Level 62
+1, a slider or similar mechanism would be very helpful to make those advancements less harmful or even more useful in battles
Auto-advancement: 12/24/2020 13:50:27

Level 61
+1 this is an awesome idea
Auto-advancement: 12/25/2020 06:30:31

Level 37
Auto-advancement: 12/25/2020 16:27:47

The Gunslinger
Level 64
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