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Power farming: 10/23/2020 13:31:18

Level 62

Regarding "farming" of powers on maps - what's wrong with farming powers?

If the idea of collecting a power on a map is enough to cause someone to want to replay a level, isn't that good thing? Most of the powers only provide a small to medium level advantage on a map, so it's not like having a few extra powers is going to tilt gameplay. If there are powers like Multi Level that you feel really need to be restricted, sure, lock those down to 2 claims, but TW, SAC, SM, FC, etc, the benefits of these are small enough to not give a massive advantage to anyone who decides to "collect" them but big enough that the combined value of all the powers on a given map can materially impact the experience of playing on the map. "Collect" is in quotes because you can't actually collect them beyond 5 each, as it forces you to use one to Claim it, so "Farming" isn't actually a material concern.

Some levels will just outright become significantly more difficult (ie: long/boring/too much wait time, etc) without the powers available on them. Especially the levels from Scandinavia and on for example, with no powers, they would be a big challenge, increasing the already present "end game problem" where all interesting play has finished and you're just trudging through the last unconquered territories. Without powers, this could add days if not weeks to the clear time. Why do this to avid players of the game who are actually interested in playing a level 3, 4, 5 times over? If there is material concern about claiming but not using the power on the level it's provided, make it so the first 2 claims can be put into inventory, but the 3rd and beyond claims must be used on the level they exist on, similar to Daily Rewards.

Especially with the game in Beta and new functionality being added like Hospitals & Artifacts, there is an interest in going back to earlier levels to check out what's changed, but the lack of powers ends up feels like punishment for playing too much Idle.

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Edited 10/23/2020 13:32:04
Power farming: 10/27/2020 08:04:16

Level 63
Instead of limiting the # of times you can collect a power, it should just replace it with a weaker power each time you capture it (or every 2 times you capture it), until you end up with the weakest power.

EDIT: you can even make a 30 min TW power as the final power, in case someone replayed the level enough to get rid of all other possible powers on the territory twice. the Half Time Warp (HTW) would only be available via replaying levels a lot, and not via coins.

Edited 10/27/2020 08:05:58
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