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[Politics] AMERICA - Series Finale Theories Thread: 10/2/2020 06:52:07

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Well, well, well, after 244 seasons and 9 episodes into season 245, we're finally approaching the two-part finale of AMERICA. It's been a wild ride, so let's recap the last few episodes:
  • 245x07: Pandemic (Part 5): #DefundThePolice - We explored the aftermath of one-off character George Floyd's death, saw the country grapple with the ongoing Pandemic plotline, and finally got some progress in the somewhat-underdone Jeffrey Epstein plotline when Ghislane Maxwell got arrested near the start of the episode.
  • 245x08: Pandemic (Part 6): The 2020 Conventions - We thought we weren't going to get the recurring election plotline this season, but it looks like the showrunners just pushed it back by one episode. Polarizing tritagonist Donald Trump and former secondary character Joe Biden both got a lot of attention this episode, although most of us agree that the conventions got way too much time in an otherwise action-packed episode. Fans of the Second Civil War ending theory got some excitement when yet another one-off character, Jacob Blake, was killed, and the showrunners threw in some violence (the Rittenhouse subplot) to add tension. We also got to see the sheer degree of trouble going on within the setting of the show; it looks like the background characters are all riled up and about to go crazy. And of course, right in the middle of this, to show us the stakes are serious, the showrunners killed off beloved Chadwick Boseman... off-screen. Bad writing much?
  • 245x09: Pandemic (Part 7): October Surprise - And here we have our latest episode, where... a lot happened. It looks like the showrunners are REALLY doubling down on the general election plotline. I guess they just took some time to adjust after negative feedback for all the characters they introduced in the primary election saga, because frankly the storytelling has gotten a lot cleaner. They killed off Ginsburg, I guess to speed things up, kicked off a small Woodward tapes subplot, continued the tax returns subplot, and just raised the stakes throughout for both Trump and Biden especially with that ugly (and let's be real, poorly written) debate scene that subverted all expectations. I guess they really want to end on a big explosion, huh?

    SO anyhow, it looks like the show's going to end with the Pandemic arc that's been with us since 245x02, and the teasers for 245x10 ("Pandemic (Part 8): The Longest Month") have the HUGE SPOILER of Trump getting infected by the Pandemic... tying two of our biggest plot threads together. It's been a JOURNEY, huh?

    Now that we head into the series finale of AMERICA, what's everyone's theories and predictions for the ending? I know Second Civil War is gaining traction especially given the popularity of the Civil War storyline back in seasons 86-89 and the way the showrunners have been building the tension in the series... but so much else could happen because of just how much has been packed into the season so far. The "Bran Takes the Throne"-like Sudden Nuclear War theory also seems like a sleeper candidate. Me personally, I think the showrunners are going to push for the rumored GILEAD spinoff they've already hinted at with the Handmaid's Tale show-inside-the-show, kill the Biden character, and end with the Surprise Dictatorship finish. They really seem to enjoy making us all suffer.

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[Politics] AMERICA - Series Finale Theories Thread: 10/2/2020 11:49:16

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it is going to be a finale of the show if America keeps this up
[Politics] AMERICA - Series Finale Theories Thread: 10/2/2020 16:34:47

Math Wolf 
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Meanwhile, viewership outside the local market has been steadily dropping as people are getting increasingly frustrated by screaming ads about this show on every single competing network, drowning out very interesting storylines such as

Belarus 30x9 - "Tension rises" or how the boring status quo of many seasons that hardly attracted any viewers suddenly got turned around by a new team of talented writers who dared to look outside their own borders for plotlines, with nobody knowing how this will end!

Belgium 191x9 - "The new government" where show creators went out of their way to create plot twist after plot twist to keep the viewers entertained, and with spoilers about episode 10 announcing the arrival of an unexpected new princess!

Lebanon 78x8 - "Corruption and the harbour" Talk about an episode that started off with an absolute bang (too soon?)

UK 315x10 - "The deadline approaching" In case you want to watch a series where the main character is a self-absorbed politician with a weird hairdo who got the pandemic, is focused only on his own agenda in a time of crisis, and not giving much thought to the long-term consequences of his actions or what goes on in series on other channels...

Personally, I know that whenever another ad about "America" comes on, I'll be zapping to another channel. ;-)

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[Politics] AMERICA - Series Finale Theories Thread: 10/2/2020 20:14:35

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I know the AMERICA writers have a reputation for lazy writing and unbelievable and unlikeable characters, but you have to give them credit for having such a long-running show. When AMERICA season 1 aired, it was a radical departure from the other big shows on air- only REPUBLIC OF TWO NATIONS was getting kind of close, and that show unfortunately ended too soon with its writing team getting absorbed by PRUSSIA, RUSSIA, and HABSBURG EMPIRE. And who can forget the mega-plotlines this show has had- "Cold War," anyone?! People were on the edge of their seats for so many seasons there.

ISRAEL has got some real juicy plotlines going on too, and we never know when the PALESTINE miniseries will finally get picked up by a major network.

You just got to hand it to AMERICA, still. The viewership, albeit dwindling, far eclipses any other show (CHINA - THE PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC, I guess, is always rumored to be catching up) and even though the writers are clearly running out of ideas, they've still managed to keep things just interesting enough. And no matter what channel you flip to, the shared-universe thing always means lots of AMERICA tie-ins (see what happened to IRAQ, AFGHANISTAN, SYRIA, LIBYA... and long ago with VIETNAM and KOREA [now two shows]). UK, I think, has really gone to crap recently when they decided to detach the show from the EU shared franchise... except all those EU tie-ins are still everywhere; it's also been just boring drama with little stakes- they really keep trying to excite us with the periodic spinoff potentials (NORTHERN IRELAND, recently SCOTLAND, and of course some fans have been wanting WALES) but never commit to them. Lame.

On the other hand, I still think they've got something explosive and spectacular planned for AMERICA's end, so why not tune in and ride one last ride with us?

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[Politics] AMERICA - Series Finale Theories Thread: 10/2/2020 23:47:03

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The universe is too chaotic, they should just restart it from scratch.
[Politics] AMERICA - Series Finale Theories Thread: 10/3/2020 01:06:23

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Americans don't write this show known as America
[Politics] AMERICA - Series Finale Theories Thread: 10/7/2020 00:04:48

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Not funny
Didn’t laugh
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