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Arena hurts: 9/29/2020 06:55:15

Level 35
So, every time we go to a new map, the arena map becomes harder and harder. Yes, you can repeat arena fight as much times as you want, but it is really hard to go play big maps against other players for newbies. (I really never played quickmatches that are not on small earth, because it requires lots of time and reward is the same)
Now I was struggling on Ursa arena and won it by accidentally finding and killing opponent's general. If not for that, his 40 power army would conquer all my territory and I would lose again. Some players are so good, you don't stand a chance to win in any battle against them.
Why should arena become such a hard thing in idle game? Without winning a battle in arena you will have to waste lot of time to gain those resources it provides, though, it should be viable to all players, both veterans and newbies!
Arena hurts: 9/29/2020 07:00:07

Level 63
The QM (QuickMatch) system tries to match you to an opponent with a similar rating on the template you are being matched on.

If you win a few games, your rating will go up, so you will have to fight players with more skill. If you lose your rating goes down and you get less skillful players next game.

WZ is so much more than Idle, you should play regular WZ as well, not just the Arena games.
Arena hurts: 9/29/2020 07:01:40

Kenghis Ghan 
Level 61
Arena games are optional, and you don't have to do them to complete a level.
Arena hurts: 9/30/2020 02:31:42

The Voynich Manuscript
Level 56
Five words: play warzone classic.
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