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Heroes Unseen: Berdan131: 8/31/2020 01:57:26

The Rat King
Level 37
Dear Warzone community. Recently, an unsung hero by the screename of Berdan131 gave us not only a shoutout, but a group name as well. We take "the Weasles" mantle with great honor, and hope we live up to the name.

To my fellow zoners and virgins out there, Berdan131 is a true hero and friend, and I encourage you all to find a friend as half as good as he has been to us. To Berdan131, I speak directly to you: You have been a great friend to us, and we will not forget this unexpected act of kindness. Hopefully our paths will cross one day.

Sincerely, now and always,

The Rat King
Heroes Unseen: Berdan131: 8/31/2020 02:04:01

Level 60
Heroes Unseen: Berdan131: 8/31/2020 04:19:13

Moon Slayer
Level 36
We quit. We were broken. We were ratted. The perils of war pierce deeper than bullets. We fought with arms but the real war was between our ears. We were defeated, left to wander the empty fields within. But not all who wander are lost. And amongst the wandering we found berdan131. His kind demeanor and gentle soul guided us back together. The fire within burns again. Thank you berdan131, protecter of this realm, bringer of light, and arbiter of truth. Cheers
Heroes Unseen: Berdan131: 8/31/2020 16:52:05

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Level 61
Heroes Unseen: Berdan131: 8/31/2020 17:18:44

Level 49
berdan131 inspired the creation of Viagra
Heroes Unseen: Berdan131: 8/31/2020 19:19:43

Level 59
Hello comrades. I'm here to thank you. And to warn you. Self-gratitude is a bitch. We should never forget that we're just a dust in this big tricky world. If we fall into self-love and vanity, we're already lost.

Your comments are really refreshening. I have a long, loong way to go to be on the same level as you. Your language fluency is truly unmatched :) Soo happy to see you again, here with us

here's previous topic: https://www.warzone.com/Forum/438691-heroes-unseen-lone-rangers

The flame still burns, berdan.

Edited 8/31/2020 19:24:30
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