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Local distribution settings: 8/7/2020 09:20:54

Level 29
Perhaps this has been brought up before, and since I'm pretty new I just don't know, but why do we have to manually distribute to territories that require local distribution? If Territory X gives you three armies that can only be placed in Territory X, why not just have them automatically disbursed at the beginning of the turn, since they can't possibly go anywhere else? I suppose the autopilot will do this if you have a membership, but I don't know that I'd want to use it before the endgame regardless, unless it has a setting for partial distribution of 'dedicated' armies, because undoing distributions I don't want would be as much of a chore as all the tedious clicking for those dedicated armies.
Local distribution settings: 8/7/2020 09:24:34

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Level 62
Because you often have multiple choices of which territory to distribute to initially. Unless you can complete a bonus by way of your initial picks you have to prioritize where you most need your armies. I hope I haven’t misunderstood your question.
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Local distribution settings: 8/9/2020 08:29:14

Level 60
Yeah, that would only work on maps where all bonuses have one territory each. Anything else would introduce a choice that would require player input.
Local distribution settings: 8/9/2020 15:11:44

Level 60
Autopliot does help with that. However, it also adds a lot of other orders that you might have to delete or change. There is also a nice mod which helps (it uses the deploy you used the previous turn and replicates that).

Neither solution is ideal, but both are better then clicking.

Anyway, this is one of the main reason Local Deployment (distribution is often used to refers to picks in warzone btw) is only played on smaller maps. It's not really that well suited for bigger maps.

Edited 8/9/2020 15:12:18
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