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Small map (< 30 territorries): 6/26/2020 08:44:46

(ง︡'-'︠)ง let's fight!! 
Level 62
I am working on a small map with 10 territories. But when I release it, I cant. It says at least 30 territorries are required...

is there any way around it?

(btw Pirate vs Ninja has 2 territories)

Edited 6/26/2020 08:45:03
Small map (< 30 territorries): 6/26/2020 08:54:10

Level 61
There used to be no requirement as to how many territories a map needed to have. This got changed and there's no workaround.
Small map (< 30 territorries): 6/27/2020 17:16:55

Level 37
About Pirate vs Ninja:

"Grandfathered Maps
Players sometimes notice maps that are already public that don't meet some of these requirements. Older maps that were created before these requirements existed are grandfathered in, such as the Wheel map that does not have bonus links or the United States Big map that had tiny territories. The presence of the old violations does not exempt new maps from the requirements.


What maps are already out there is irrelevant. A lot of older map(s) breaks many of today's standards."
(P.S.-I to tried make <30 territories map and have your problem)
(P.S-Thank you TBest!)
Small map (< 30 territorries): 7/16/2020 06:06:07

Level 61
I read in the wiki you can make maps ranging from 2-3200 territories.
Small map (< 30 territorries): 7/16/2020 12:03:20

Level 44
30 is the new minimum
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