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16% Auto Miracles.: 5/25/2014 06:21:09

Level 46
In the past (if memory serves), the luck settings for 1v1 Auto games were 75%. If the Fizzmeister changed this due to popular opinion I must convey my gratitude. Hats of to the top brass.
16% Auto Miracles.: 5/25/2014 09:15:28

Timinator • apex 
Level 64
It's 16% for a couple of years now. I don't know if it ever was 75%, since I joined WL it has been 16%
16% Auto Miracles.: 5/25/2014 12:48:00

Level 60
what timinator said.
16% Auto Miracles.: 5/25/2014 16:02:39

Level 60
2011-02-19: New features for 1.00.0:

- Added the 1 v 1 ladder.
- Added Automatic Booting.
- Added the Statistics window.
- Added the Dashboard page.
- Full change log.


On the Full change log i found

- Changed the Strategic 1v1 template's luck from 18% to 16%. At 16%, a 4v2 will never fail.

So it was {Maybe [See Math Wolf's post]} 18% for a short time (from 1.00.0 to 1.00.3)

Edited 5/26/2014 13:58:08
16% Auto Miracles.: 5/25/2014 23:01:07

Level 46
Perhaps it was just my imagination. It seems I am mistaken. Thank you for clearing that up. On with the auto games!

Edited 5/25/2014 23:15:42
16% Auto Miracles.: 5/26/2014 00:23:05

Math Wolf 
Level 63
It think it wasn't 18% for a short time, it has been for a pretty long time, assumingly since the start of the 1v1 auto-game which was long before the ladder got introduced.

Shortly after the ladder started, some players mentioned that a 4v2 could fail (with examples of ladder games where it happened) and consequently it was changed as TBest says.

Either way, the 1v1 strategic template has been around since beta 7 (2009).

Also note that the blockade card was added much later to it as well.
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