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Hot Zone Airlift card: 5/3/2020 23:33:13

Level 33
Works similar to an "Airlift" card but with these changes:

1. Target drop zone is an enemy territory adjacent to one of yours (or a teammate's).
2. Takes place at the end of the turn
3. If the drop territory is under friendly control all armies land safely (or a percentage lands safely, losses due to general mayhem) if the drop territory is not under friendly control, all armies are lost

If this is posted in the wrong place -- or is considered heresy -- I apologize and meekly ask to be redirected/reeducated.
Hot Zone Airlift card: 5/19/2020 19:50:56

The Voynich Manuscript
Level 56
No one with a minimum of common sense would use it since the reward is so small for the enormous risk. I suggest that if the airlift hits an enemy territory, you kill enemies in addition to losing some of your armies, like a regular attack/transfer.

Like a remote attack/transfer card.
Hot Zone Airlift card: 5/19/2020 19:54:59

Level 62
It's the age old issue similar to flying transportation units in Warcraft/Starcraft ... you can have a massive army, but if you shove them into a flight vessel and it gets shot down = 100% losses. Brutal.

For WZ, makes more sense that you'd suffer 50% losses and the rest would be as Overt said, the remainder attack normally. Or maybe just overall attack ratio is reduced by 25%, etc.
Posts 1 - 3 of 3