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New Warzone Real-Time Ladder: 4/27/2020 23:36:36

Level 60
Hey everyone,

You may or may not know but there's a new CLOT in town. A CLOT is a Custom Tournament Or League. It uses Warzone to create games that will appear on the site or on your mobile app. However, some things aren't available directly on warzone that are other tournament formats or leagues that you can join/leave at your leisure.

First of all, I recommend you join the CLOT's server if you're on Discord. Here: https://discord.gg/SW5Fqta

In the discord server we discuss all improvements, new ideas, new tournaments formats, and new leagues. The currently big feature being written is a betting portion of the CLOT, where you can bet virtual coins on the outcomes of individual games, tournaments, and leagues.

The purpose of this thread however is to introduce you to a new real-time ladder being hosted on the CLOT. The ladder features a variety of 1v1 strategic templates, and give you an overall rating to see how you're doing.

You can join the ladder online, or via discord. To access the ladder commands through the warzonebot on discord please use bb!help rtl to understand the commands.

If you get booted or decline a game you will automatically be removed from the ladder. Also, if you remain on the ladder for 30 minutes and have not gotten a game you will be removed to prevent games from being created endlessly for players.

The ladder can be accessed on the CLOT website: http://wzclot.com/leagues/109
Or on Discord in the server above in the real-time-ladder channel.

Currently there are over 25 players, and more are joining every day. Come on and join the fun!
To contact me please use the discord server as I am online there almost every day. There are over 120 players in there helping to improve the CLOT with a lot of good feedback and there are typically people around to play :)


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New Warzone Real-Time Ladder: 4/28/2020 02:01:09

Level 61
As one of the people who plays the RTL regularly, I highly recommend the RTL. Good place to get quick games against good opponents if you have a little bit of spare time.
New Warzone Real-Time Ladder: 4/28/2020 05:28:20

Level 63
It's a lot of fun and there is a ranking system too for competitive players. Thanks for all the work, B!
New Warzone Real-Time Ladder: 4/28/2020 05:48:36

Level 61
This sounds awesome! I'll definitely be playing some games on this soon :)
New Warzone Real-Time Ladder: 4/28/2020 06:24:31

Beep Beep I'm A Jeep 
Level 64
I can highly recommend it as well!
New Warzone Real-Time Ladder: 4/28/2020 12:28:50

Level 59
I highly recommend this ladder! I haven't play it much (only 8 games) but, it is very good!

Lots of ladder templates; you can even veto a few! I encourage anyone who hasn't tried it, play a few games on it. :D
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