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LF Help -- 'Turn Events App': 3/17/2020 05:54:51

Level 55
Hello, I am looking for a programmer who can work with the Warzone APIs to create a tool that will generate a couple .csv's each turn of the game.

It needs to be able to read out:

Territory Captured from Player to new player.

Which Espionage Cards played by which Player.

It would be nice if it could also tell me if a Commerce-City is built outside the rules-mandated areas by checking

For a Commerce-City Placed in a Territory (not) on the List.

If you think you could help out, this would be a massive help to running my moderated scenarios, and would guarantee you a spot in any/all of them in which you'd like to participate.
LF Help -- 'Turn Events App': 3/17/2020 07:26:02

Level 60
You mention the WarZone API, but it sounds like you want a mod? .csv just means comma separated values. Also, while I havn't checked, I am 100% sure that the API can't un-fog an ongoing game. And if there is no fog, you can just see all of this in the game order list? Whereas a mod can run on the server, thus fog is not an issue.

Both the Warzone API* and a Mod requires a membership.

*excluding the mapmaking api.

Edited 3/17/2020 07:26:45
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