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Flashing "Connect" button: 3/2/2020 15:18:49

Captain Abraham Bartholomew 
Level 64
I am constantly being booted due to timing out when I have actually completed my moves but the servers not update my moves.
1) I have a very fast internect 200mg
2) My other sites are uplading in real-time

IS it just me or is there a problem on occasion with warzone resources not able to keep up?
It is so frustrating to lsoe a game like this
Flashing "Connect" button: 3/2/2020 15:57:49

Master Cowboy 
Level 60
First off, PC or Mobile?

I know I couldn't switch apps without warzone dropping connection, so I'd have to close the app and reload it constantly.

I have since gotten a new phone though, and have not had this issue. My old phone though was no slouch, but the new phone does have 3 times the RAM.

Old : Galaxy Note 8
New : Asus ROG Phone 2
Flashing "Connect" button: 3/2/2020 16:06:44

Level 60
Is it a new problem or a recurring issue?
Do you get any messages from warzone? (Eg. Warzone is under heavy load.)

Also, the PC or Mobile question is important. I have heard a few (less then 3?) players say that they sometime experience lag on the mobile app at peek hours. There are no complaints on PC that I am aware off.

EDIT: If you think this is a bug, here is the bug form : https://www.warzone.com/ReportBug

Edited 3/2/2020 16:07:40
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