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[SERIOUS] Warlight Is Dying: 3/1/2020 22:22:04

Level 56
In light of the most recent events, I feel the urge to bring this alarming news to this community. In respect to those who took part in this conference, held in March 1st, 2020, I censored the identities of the participants, especially to the individual that foresaw the inevitable end of what many of us consider to be one of the most pleasants aspects of our lives.


UNITE, Warlight. We must fight the end days, even though the harbingers of end times knock on our doors.
[SERIOUS] Warlight Is Dying: 3/1/2020 22:23:35

Battle Master ⚔
Level 57
idc is warlight is dying, warzone is better lol
[SERIOUS] Warlight Is Dying: 3/6/2020 05:49:08

Level 59
warlight is love, warlight is life
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