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Warzone popularity: 2/29/2020 00:08:22

Level 49
Is it just me, or has there been an uptick in activity? I just looked at the Open games tab and it seems like instead of 70-80~ multi games open there is 90-100 open. Has there been a YouTuber that covered warzone, or something?
Warzone popularity: 2/29/2020 00:16:43

Level 60
Goes between 70 to 110 in open games, deepening on time of day and time of the week I think. New players don't really make open games, I would expect them to join or play QM.

I guess there was that steam release of a game that sorta looks like warzone, which could have given some traffic (if they search for risk online or something (was at least one 20k + stream on that new game).
Warzone popularity: 2/29/2020 15:44:59

Level 57
Warlight is not yet lost
Warzone popularity: 3/9/2020 00:04:53

Pyotr Krasnov 
Level 22
bring back warlight
Warzone popularity: 3/9/2020 12:45:01

Level 61
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Warzone popularity: 3/9/2020 14:25:11

prince ganymedes
Level 55
Could be two reasons:
1. Your boot rate went down.
2. Call of Duty developer Infinity Ward is preparing to launch a brand-new battle royale mode called Warzone.
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