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Lost Single Player Levels: 2020-01-12 00:50:24

Level 2

I completed 15 or so levels without creating an account. Then I set up and account, and now I'm back to level one. I wanted to switch play from android tablet to pc laptop, and created an account to synch levels. They are synced not, to level one. LOL Any ideas on how to get them back? Lots of hours of play to get where I was.

Lost Single Player Levels: 2020-01-12 01:53:58

Level 60
Did you set up/create the account on pc, then used that login information on the tablet? (then, ofc, the account is different from that you played with earlier on the tablet)

If you still have the level data on your tablet, you can try to create an account on the tablet, then login to warzone on pc. If not (and also if that membership you have is paid not the trial) you might want to contact Fizzer. https://www.warzone.com/Contact

Gota be honest, it would be easier to understand what you did if you cleaned up your grammar a bit.
Lost Single Player Levels: 2020-01-12 02:15:19

Pepe the Great
Level 58
When I first played this game, I also played single player levels prior to setting up an account. Your progress is lost unfortunately... it was saved to the device and not to the account (since you didn't have one at the time). You'll have to play the levels again.
Lost Single Player Levels: 2020-01-12 02:57:10

Level 57
I played on only one device originally, and I played levels before making an account. I made my account on the same device with which I completed the levels prior, and I didn't lose any progress. TBest is right, it's probably the device you used for making an account.
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