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Color Blind - Possible UserVoice: 12/11/2019 18:33:34

Santa Claus
Level 62
Color Blind: Players are unable to tell the difference between one enemy and the other. Neutrals still appear neutral.

Typically, in games with more than 2 players, you can tell which player controls which territory. However, under this variant (maybe as a layer to the fog level?) all enemy controlled territories that you can see appear in a single color. Thus, during the game, you are unable to tell which one of the enemy players is controlling the the territory.

Currently in team games with multiple players on each team, you know how many starts are assigned to a player, and based on intel received through the game, you can estimate the strength or weakness of different players.

With colorblind turned on, you would only be able to tell that they are not a teammate.

Finally, this can be extended into FFA games or 2v2v2 games or the like. You wouldn't know which enemy you are fighting.

In games with chat, different players could bluff and claim they were in certain territories.

Does anyone else see any merit in this idea or have suggested alterations?
Color Blind - Possible UserVoice: 12/11/2019 18:52:08

Level 63
Based on the title of this thread, I thought it was about not being able to distinguish between different colors in games with a lot of players. But it was not;

This is a nice idea Santa, I like it.
Do you think there should be settings for the severity of the blindness? Things like all players from a team would have the same color or all enemy players have the same color.
Color Blind - Possible UserVoice: 12/11/2019 20:17:09

Level 57
Thinking about the words "colour blind" popped into my head the idea of having along with a colour a two letter code for each player. The code would appear next to the player name on the player info section to the right, and next to the number of armies on each territory, so letters could be used to identify players and neutrals (give neutrals like ZZ or something). This would also help to increase player limit, as there are 676 possible two letter codes.

An example: for me next to "goodgame" on the right would appear a two letter code such as GG, and next to the army number on each territory I control would be the letters GG.
Color Blind - Possible UserVoice: 12/11/2019 20:18:04

Level 49
Same JK_3 XD
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