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Floating in Space: 10/18/2019 03:07:43

Diety Emperor Cacao, God Ruler of the Universe 
Level 57
Have you ever seen space
Seen your younger self across you
A penguin floating just passing by you
The floor under you materializes
And you can finally step on ground
Finding yourself in a gloomy room
A giant cone with a face
Telling you it's OK to eat squirrels
Finding yourself now in a rocky canyon over looking a city
Then next to you is the love of your life
Someone drives by in a motorcycle
And stops to shoot the love of your life
Then you find yourself where you last thought you were
Floating in Space: 10/18/2019 03:45:36

Level 57
Is this a dream you had? Or is it something else?
Floating in Space: 10/19/2019 01:48:17

Diety Emperor Cacao, God Ruler of the Universe 
Level 57
It's just words
Floating in Space: 10/20/2019 05:57:18

Level 45
I had a dream I had snuck into chernobyl, deep into the reactor. The elephants foot had disappeared and the radiation goddess had turned the evaporators into a sanctified temple. She was sleeping, the warmth of her radiation enveloped me like a thousand lips pressed against my body. I didnt wake her up.
Floating in Space: 10/20/2019 16:41:08

Level 49
you've destroyed the timeline
Floating in Space: 10/21/2019 00:10:08

Level 60
Once, out of nowhere, I had a dream. A rare dream. A crazy dream. I had a dream that me and my friend were driving away from a tornado. We drove into the woods where a pack of hungry coyote stopped us. They said,
"Hey you! Get over here and we will kill you!"
I said,
"No, why would I want to die?"
The leader coyote responded,
"I was joking. Are you a friend or foe? "
"Friend," I said.
" Eh, it just happens that it is opposite day, eh? "
"Oh," I said, " I guess I will run. "
Then they caught us and they were actually people dressed in coyote costumes trying to trick us. By now the tornado had caught up only to realize it was only a dream.

Wait, this was not a dream. I made this all up
Posts 1 - 6 of 6