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After the war of the ring: 10/9/2019 21:51:57

Level 57
What happened?
After the war of the ring: 10/10/2019 05:54:13

Diety Emperor Cacao, God Ruler of the Universe 
Level 57
The two kingdoms of Ramona and Julietta lived peacefully
King Ramon and Queen Julietta's divorce was brutal, but they were finally at peace
They decided to split the kingdoms in half
King Ramon wasn't very happy that the pope intervened in this
As it wasn't the Pope's business at all
Like why should the King be forced to give her half
She didn't work for anything, she just married him, and sat on her lazy ass
She wasn't even pretty anymore, she had gained weight
She's going to lose her kingdom quickly, she'll get invaded, or she will cause riots
She doesn't know how to run things, she never has
As a matter of fact, why should King Ramon even listen to the pope
The pope is just a fiddling buffoon, he dresses in robes, and wears a stupid hat
Who purposely restricts themselves like this, no individual expression
Why should this kind of person be involved in these matters
King Ramon decided to do the best thing he could
He invaded the Pope's Land
He decided he shouldn't blame the queen, as it is part of the female nature
He should blame the snake, the pope
The King knocked on his gate and sure enough, there was the pope
And the pope had a ring, a familiar ring, it was his ring, the king's ring
The King Inquired where he got it from, the pope responded it was the queen's payment
King Ramon wasn't having it
He looked at the pope in steaming anger
He looked at him standing there, in his unnecessarily over priced robes
Just look at him, the man of the people, in clothes
That were paid by everyone's collection in church
The pope didn't earn this money, he doesn't produce wealth
He's a pompous rat, the least humble man
The King cautiously reached for his sharp blade
And with an air slice
He sliced the pope's neck
The pope fell
His stupid hat fell too, the king stepped on it
The king's armies started filling inside
His invasion would begin
All the treasures would be uncovered
After the war of the ring: 10/10/2019 20:53:39

Level 57
Interesting story, but I was actually referring to the events in "Lord of the Rings," what happened after Sauron was defeated and Mordor was conquered by Gondor. I should have made that clear from the start.
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