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Insanity is a lifestyle: 10/5/2019 15:47:43

Level 49

He's been like this the whole game. If he's meming, he's really bad at showing some nuance. I know full well it's possible he's somewhat serious; I was a 14 year old once, in the era of the gamergate """""hysteria"""""

But I was a kid, and kids are known to be stupid. Please tell me there aren't adults like this. r-right?

the human mind was a mistake

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Insanity is a lifestyle: 10/5/2019 16:00:40

Diety Emperor Cacao, God Ruler of the Universe 
Level 57
Maybe you should start thinking of people individually, rather than group them all together

All wrong beliefs are forgotten when people start speaking of them openly

That's one of the reasons why religion, feminism, communism seem to be a stronghold

People at that age can change
Because once people become adults, they are just so reluctant and its harder for them to admit they are wrong
I don't know
Everybody is wrong once in a while, or for some, very often

Depending on where you are in the United States there is a geographical mental plague
When I was in California, people would often speak of all people are equal, but most didn't even understand what that meant
It wasn't that we were actually equal, it was that we were equal under the law

Some older men hate this generation, and they blame it on social media, but fail to realize that people aren't as stupid as you make it seem
They usually end up saying indirectly that people cannot be trusted and must have certain things censored

But yeah, we have probably gone through a belief that was wrong, and even when you get older you still haven't forgotten it
Insanity is a lifestyle: 10/5/2019 16:13:17

Level 49
the entire earth is mental plague

We are the best at being hypocrites, and yet the reason why we view them as hypocrites in the first place is because we all want something our way. None of us are logical vacuums, we are all heavily influenced by other ideas and people. The best we can do is pretend to be modest and nice. Until we die.

But hey, at least we can have sex in VR with an amorphous slime monster. Not a bad timeline.
Insanity is a lifestyle: 10/5/2019 17:51:47

Level 57
I have a theory on why adults have a harder time accepting they are wrong. When you're young, you know nothing, not even that some people can't be trusted. You are therefore very gullible, as if you weren't you wouldn't be able to learn much. To get that point, imagine being in school without believing a word your teacher says, compared to believing everything your teacher says. As you get older, you find out how much people can lie, so in order to defend your mind from lies you naturally become more stubborn. However, the knowledge you have is mostly if not entirely grounded on what you were told as a kid. Therefore, if you were told a significant lie while you were young, as you get older your thoughts and maybe even your character would have that lie as a base, and like with buildings removing the base of your knowledge and/or character would cause much of your mind to crumble and fall apart. The stubbornness of adults is a vital yet flawed protection mechanism. Feel free to comment or contradict this, it's just a theory.
Insanity is a lifestyle: 10/5/2019 18:10:23

Diety Emperor Cacao, God Ruler of the Universe 
Level 57
I feel like you are projecting
Might that be some reason for some people is probably true

But other reasons, are some people like to look down on people
Especially fit people who look down on fat people
And they disregard anything that fat person will say simply because they lack will power

There are so many reasons why
Insanity is a lifestyle: 10/5/2019 18:20:06

Level 57
From what I know, pride is a plague. It only causes us to do stupid pointless things. For example, a large number of fights are largely or entirely motivated by pride, including world war one (national pride). We waste resources on big useless things like the Eiffel tower for the sake of showing off. And as you already mentioned, some people don't admit when they're wrong because there's pride in being right. What do you think

Btw, I'm not projecting. When I say something about "we", "us", "people", etc., I'm referring to most people, including myself.

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Insanity is a lifestyle: 10/5/2019 19:29:40

Diety Emperor Cacao, God Ruler of the Universe 
Level 57
Well then, you're simply wrong

Saying that, that ONE factor is a reason most people have is just boggledexterranous

The reason I said projecting was because you probably experienced it and assume other people experience it
Which is true
But to say that is the major reason why people don't stop believing in non-sense is just false

There are so many factors, not all of them are selfish as you assume, projecting again?

I know many people still believe in religion because it makes them feel secure, part of something
I can't say 'Most people believe in religion for this reason'
Because I don't know, I can't see everyone's heads, this involves all religions, and pseudo-religions like communism or vegetarianism

There are so many factors and reasons WHY

You are claiming to know the answer but that's just not true
Insanity is a lifestyle: 10/5/2019 21:24:20

Level 57
It seems we have one thing in common. I always think you're stating your opinion as fact, and you always think I state my opinion as fact. I am meaning to state it as theory/opinion, and a number of times I think you are looking back now. To avoid this in the future, should we agree to just take each other's posts as opinions unless otherwise stated? Or am I wrong?
Insanity is a lifestyle: 10/5/2019 22:03:50

Diety Emperor Cacao, God Ruler of the Universe 
Level 57
If I try speaking in theory or whether something is true
My baseline is 'I don't know'
As in the 'Chocolate going extinct?' thread
In there I tried speaking about the past, how obviously these places experienced 'temperature change' in the past and it obviously didn't kill the Cacao tree because life has a tendency to adapt
If it didn't then the Cacao tree would have been killed way before

Also, when it's an opinion, I normally use 'think' 'feel' or reference myself
When I say something in a factual manner I try to be conservative
for example:
If I say 'Women are dumb'
DO NOT ASSUME: I think Men are not dumb
DO NOT ASSUME: I think Men are better
Do not assume anything, other than what I said

If I said African cultures suck
Do not assume I think European is better
Or Asian is better

When you speak factually or theoretically, to me it doesn't matter
I will tell you if you're wrong, or at least in your case 'I will tell you if I think I'm wrong'

Truth is very black and white, it's just that usually we don't have all the variables
It's like finding an equation of how long will it take this bowling ball to fall down from a 50ft tower
Well, obviously it won't be the same all over the world, and that's because there's so many variables
Wind resistance, different gravitational pull, moon's gravity

History can't really be spoken as truth because we don't have all the information

Anyways, you can tell when someone is making a statement and an opinion
By statement, I mean it can be true or false
And in some instances you need more context
Men are better than woman: Highly controversial! Seen as an opinion
Men are better than woman at physical labor: Everybody agrees, now obviously this statement isn't always true
As paralysis, russian woman, and soy boys tilt the normally accepted statement

Notice how even 'Men are better than woman at physical labor' lacks context
'All Men are better than all woman at physical labor' False, there is at least one woman who is stronger than a man
Insanity is a lifestyle: 10/5/2019 23:11:08

Level 60
what goodgame says is true

Maybe EnderZ is just being a 'kid' or maybe, HE IS A KID!

There are a many amount of adults who do this. more than you would think

once you've grown up with something as a belief, it takes time to change it. years and years. unless you are very very gullible

It is not like EnderZ is telling you wrong things. In his mind, it may be right. You may have beliefs other people would think was wrong.

It becomes harder for adults to admit they are wrong because they think they have "authority" over everything and everyone. They think they are right at everything, well, that is what most adults do. Don't fall for their "tricks"...

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Insanity is a lifestyle: 10/5/2019 23:39:04

Level 57
Clearly we think in radically different ways, Cacao, so I'll try to be more careful when interoperating your posts. THanks for telling me that you throw implications out the window, that really explains a lot.

And yes, I know there are trillions of unknowns in history, psychology, etc. I just get bothered when you seem to think I'm pretending to know everything.

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Insanity is a lifestyle: 10/6/2019 00:10:22

Diety Emperor Cacao, God Ruler of the Universe 
Level 57
That's cause you use metaphorical language carelessly
And by that I mean

...would cause much of your mind to crumble and fall apart...
... pride is a plague...
...throw implications out the window...

Which by the way, I wasn't talking about pride
I don't know what it's called but I know that's not pride
Also I'm not the one doing more than necessary, it is the one assuming things
I don't throw implications out the window, cause I never have them in the first place
If you tell me you're not straight, I don't automatically assume you're gay, I like to amuse myself with the possibilities

Metaphorical language is used to make vagueness or ambiguous statements in creative writing
Not in theoretical or factual writing

It's used to symbolize different things, and as we know, people end arguing over what the author actually means
If the author is alive, they usually don't answer because they like to keep it a mystery and up to the reader to decide

Misunderstanding is usually the cause of conflict
Insanity is a lifestyle: 10/6/2019 17:44:31

Level 49
caocao is gay, lol

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Insanity is a lifestyle: 10/6/2019 23:20:23

Level 57
I'll just be very careful and specific on threads with you then. This may involve a lot of questions to avoid misunderstanding.
Insanity is a lifestyle: 10/8/2019 17:45:24

Level 58
Please tell me there aren't adults like this. r-right?

Someone inline this cringe

or don't

Insanity is a lifestyle: 10/8/2019 19:08:04

Level 49
Humanity was a major error in the earth's timeline
Insanity is a lifestyle: 10/8/2019 22:09:47

Level 44
It looks to me like you got called out for being an SJW and and were clearly traumatized by it.
Insanity is a lifestyle: 10/8/2019 23:56:02

Level 49
I don't know how I'll ever recover
Insanity is a lifestyle: 10/13/2019 00:49:44

Pyotr Krasnov 
Level 45
hey i remember enderz he played as ussr in a diplo game and declared war on everyone and then surrendered lol
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