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Onion Fingers: 9/26/2019 01:35:23

Diety Emperor Cacao, God Ruler of the Universe 
Level 57
My fingers smell like onions, I just cut onions
I can't stop bringing my fingers to my nose
And smelling that scent
My pinky is a pauper
And my Thumb is an Onion King
My Onion Queen, my index kiss near my nose
Nature created the Onion kingdom
But Nature also created the Garlic Kingdom
My right hand smells of garlic, but garlic smells good
And onion smells good
How are these two opponents on the same side of morality?
Am I on the bad side, for I am attempting to vilify one?
The Garlic Kingdom declares war on Onion Kingdom
Stop thou, you shall not proceed
Exclaimed the Carrot Emperor
What was this thing, it was orange, and didn't smell as good
Bleh, The Garlic Kingdom, hailing Aries' Blade, sliced through the carrot king
The Garlic and Onion kingdoms joined forces to massacre the carrots
The carrots bled their orange juices on the surface
Was it worth fighting now?
We both give flavor and smell to greatness, we shall join forces
They both agreed, the new Empire
This Empire, an ever so expanding one, one based on aggressive expansion, was named The Spice Empire
Onion Fingers: 9/26/2019 02:51:18

Level 57
You do a lot of story stuff.
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