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Why do people hate Americans?: 9/14/2019 17:36:30

Diety Emperor Cacao, God Ruler of the Universe 
Level 57
I don't get it at all
We protect everybody and are also the strongest and freest country in the world

I theorize it's just misplaced jealousy made into the form of hate

We don't have pish posh accents like England

Brits on Vacation
*One lower class Brit walks into McDonald's, walks up to minimum wage worker to make an order

Poor Brit: Oi moit, can I haf the ordah numbah 2 plas
Wage Slave: I'm sorry sir, but I can't understand you
Poor Brit: Aih you focking kidding me, Aih will not be treated this wahy

*Lower class Brit walks out, Upper class Brits walks in

Rich Brit: Oh my, are these chips and beef wellingtons ensembles greasy?
Wage Slave: Um, I'm sorry Ma'am but I have no idea what you just said
Rich Brits: Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't know I was talking a blubbery chav. Never mind, I will go off and drink tea

*The word TEA re-vibrates in Wage Slave's head... TEA TEA TEA
*Flashback sound is played, Wage Slave has flashback to wathcing Alex Jones
*British People Bad, American People Good, Wage Slave starts visibly shaking

Rich Brit: Oh don't be a silly goose. Put that rooty tooty point and shooty thing away
Director: CUT! CUT! Where did you get that gun?
Wage Slave: What are you talking about? It's my gun
Director: Well it's not part of the script

*Wage Slave looks at director in the eyes and points gun to camera

Wage Slave: I... AM... THE DIRECTOR NOW!

*Rich Brit walks away slowly looking at the gun off screen
*Poor Brit watches in amazement of the confidence and liberation of the Wage Slave
*Director starts stuttering, loud thunder is heard, rain starts falling
*The Director starts to shapeshift into a giant rat, A large nose protrudes, Rubbing hands intensifies,

*Thunder is heard again, the Earth shakes
*The Rat is stepping closer and closer with an open hissing mouth
*Wage Slave backs away frantically and looks at me

Wage Slave: He...y, Ca...cao, a little help here?
Emperor Cacao: Yah fam, I got you

*With my mere thought, I transform his gun into a grenade launcher
*Wage Slave fires grenade
*Greedy Rat swallows it whole, Greedy Rat starts to back down, thunder is heard, rain starts falling more heavy

Wage Slave: That didn't work, give me a better weapon
Emperor Cacao: You don't really need a weapon, here you go

*With my thought I transform his grenade launcher into two pieces of bacon

Wage Slave: Are you fucking serious!

*The Rat smells the bacon, and starts hissing, Wage Slave looks in confusion and starts getting closer with the bacon
*The Rat starts hissing louder, Wage Slaves makes the bacon into a cross
*Lightning Strikes and sets the roof on fire, loud thunder is heard

Wage Slave: We, The People

*The Rat's skin starts to fall off, it's eyes fall off and roll offscreen, its tail falls off and turns into a rattlesnake
*Silence is heard, then the Rat's body explodes, squeaking is heard
*Hundreds of rats are seen all over, many of them run off screen

*Wage Slave looks at camera and smiles

Wage Slave: I... AM... SOVEREIGN NOW

*The camera turns off
Why do people hate Americans?: 9/14/2019 18:35:17

Cata Cauda
Level 59
Why do people hate Americans?: 9/14/2019 19:07:06

Level 57
Now that's a weird story, and irrelevant to the title of this thread.

I have nothing against Americans that I don't have against Canadians, Mexicans, Cubans, Brazilians, Argentinians, British, French, Serbians, Bosnians, Russians, Chinese, Indians, New Zealanders, Egyptians, Sudanese, Congolese...the list goes on for a while. I do, however, think that while you're not much worse then everyone else, you need to accept that you're not gods compared to the rest of the world.
Why do people hate Americans?: 9/14/2019 19:20:35

Diety Emperor Cacao, God Ruler of the Universe 
Level 57
That story, if you had a higher IQ, you would understand it's a metaphor for America

In the beginning the Wage Slave represents the servitude, colonialism, to Great Britain
Then once Wage Slave, representing America, has had enough, threatens British rule
This also makes the poor or servant Britain look in awe

Later on the Director, who represents the Jew, is angry that such freedom can exist and threatens the Wage Slave
The Director turns into the evil monster we all know, as the Jew, and attempts to kill America
Then me, which represents freedom of thought, tries many of American icons to kill the Jew
Bacon, the savior of Western Civilization is our next weapon, not guns or bombs
Our next weapon are freedom from restriction, we don't have any rule saying we can't eat pork or alcohol

Great Britain represents America's first overlord, then America must face a greater overlord, the Jew
All in all America learns there is always a greater overlord, and in order to truly become free, it is to step away from this game, and make your own place
Why do people hate Americans?: 9/14/2019 19:28:35

Level 56
RP is the best. It's so sexy. Who else says grass right?
Why do people hate Americans?: 9/14/2019 19:29:22

Level 63
You’ve got one major part wrong: upper class (cloarse in generic posh, class in typical) Brits don’t go to Maccies. They’d go to Michelin star restaurants instead, many of which are in London.

Why you hating Brits for having a wide range of accents?

Hardest accent to understand is Scouser (Liverpool area). Simply ask them to repeat the order slower.

Also America isn’t the freest country, unless you forgot about serval countries. See http://worldpopulationreview.com/countries/freest-countries/.

Is it really protection when school shootings occur and that guns are allowed? If nobody else has a gun, you don’t need one either. At least in the UK you can send kids to school knowing that they’ll live, at worst only a few birthday beatings or sports accident.

There’s nothing wrong with using your own accent anywhere. You can’t really control it. If you try to copy British accents you’ll be frowned upon for definite when in Britain.

I for one aren’t jealous. Why should I?

South Wales accent is also quite difficult to understand.

This is coming from someone in north Wales.

Edited 9/14/2019 19:31:37
Why do people hate Americans?: 9/14/2019 19:35:03

Level 61
they hate us cause they ain't us

- muricans
Why do people hate Americans?: 9/14/2019 19:39:06

Level 57
The overlord thing isn't just with countries. You know very well there's people in every country (yes, that includes America and Britain and Canada) that try in every way thinkable to gain absolute control over everyone and everything, or something like that. Of course, no one ever gets that powerful, and no one deserves that much power, or even leadership of a medium size country in that matter.
Why do people hate Americans?: 9/14/2019 23:27:20

Level 49
Maybe one day I will be as masterful at shitposting as Caocao is
Why do people hate Americans?: 9/15/2019 06:03:40

Level 62
We don't have super slang accents that nobody understands.
Why do people hate Americans?: 10/13/2019 00:33:43

Pyotr Krasnov
Level 46
we protected iraq from itself
Why do people hate Americans?: 10/13/2019 02:20:07

Level 46
Cacao is a shit-tier shitposter, why would you want to be like him
Why do people hate Americans?: 10/13/2019 02:21:04

Level 57
I think the "super slang accents" comes from the fact that there was for a heck of a long time groups in Britain that didn't interact much, and lived in very different conditions. I'd bet ten bucks that if it weren't for such things as mass media and improved travel, the generic western accent would have evolved to become as hard to understand as the infamous Scottish accent.
Why do people hate Americans?: 10/13/2019 11:57:32

Level 60
IRise comes out with a great phrase.
and like goodgame, I've never trash-talked someone because they live in a different country.

Actually, i have been trash-talked for living in the USA.

They said, Oh, yeah. right. you live in America. that explains why you are so bad. yep, i knew you were American

it was like that. ill try to find the game

Edited 10/13/2019 11:58:59
Why do people hate Americans?: 10/13/2019 19:14:57

The Joey
Level 59
***** post. Absolutley hilarious. This is the type of trolling we need more of around here. :)
Why do people hate Americans?: 10/13/2019 21:05:06

Level 60
@TheJoey, that is not directed to me, right?

edit - wait, no it was not I think. I know what your talking about

Edited 10/13/2019 21:06:00
Why do people hate Americans?: 10/14/2019 01:14:33

Level 46
No, this and everything Cacao has posted is low quality trolling, due to the simple fact that it's tl;dr. Only reddit has time to read multiple paragraphs.

Good trolling is laconic and instantly recognizable to those for whom the art of trolling is a field of inquiry.
Why do people hate Americans?: 10/14/2019 06:12:02

Level 45
the hatred toward americans is anti black racism, even when is directed towards people with light skin. the water and soil has a profound effect on the human body, and in the case of america causes them to have a certain negroid gait. jung has described this after one of his visits to new york. the main "native american" tribe in newyork was the shinnecock tribe which is closer to being a zambo peoples. new york was the last of the soveriegn areas in the americas to be conquered by the indians and by this time certain tribes has gotten racemixed with africans who were brought over as slaves around 7000bc by coushatta tribe. this slave trade is evidenced in recent moroccan arcaelogoical digs where they find boats (not dugout canoes) made from wood native only to america.
the different accents in britain are entirely based around their caste system which still exists today. this was one of the mind cancers places upon the brits by india through roman imperialism. a mirror of this is seen in high and low germanic languages but the influence in germany is of a purer caste system.
vernal vinaigrette you are a faggot
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