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CORP Recruitment Thread!: 9/2/2019 14:41:11

Dutch Desire 
Level 60
Welcome to CORP's Recruitment Thread! The best clan with both Strat- and Roleplayers.

We are looking for more strategic players!
Join CORP to find teammates for the 2v2 and 3v3 ladders, for any help to get even better at any template, to join our intern competitions and tournaments, and maybe even receive the honor to fight for CORP against other clans!

♦️ Ladder partners (“ Official “ clan thread: ladder sign-ups );
♦️ Talk about life and every subject we want to talk about;
♦️ Clan based competition like Clan Wars and Clan League;
♦️ Strategic assistance, sharing of games, ideas, tournaments, etc.;
♦️ A friendly community where we support each other in good and bad times;
♦️ Corp's P/R competition, currently in Season 12 (35 participants)
♦️ Corp's random 2vs2 teams Season 4 (12 participants)
♦️ Corp's monthly tournaments, on various templates;
♦️ Scenario and template making assistance;
♦️ Active clan forum and active clan chat;
♦️ Mapmaking assistance;
♦️ A real Katana that may or may not be specifically designed for committing sudoku.


CORP consists of two Dojos:
🏯 Scorpio Dojo: for players who follow the art of strategy;
🏛️ Hyaku-men Dojo: for players who follow the art of diplomacy.

To join with the title "Scorpion" you must have:
♣️ Max. 10% boot rate;
♣️ Min. 200 games;
♣️ Min. 100.000 last 30 days;
♣️ Min. 50% win rate in 1v1.

To join with the title "Hyaku-men" you must:
♣️ Share 5 Diplomacy or roleplay-games that proves that you are a good Diplo- or roleplayer.

Players who can fulfill both standards are given the icon ⚔️ "double-edged".

Players who can provide a good reason for not being able to meet the criteria may also be able to join.
Once part of CORP, we will see you as equal among us.

Only reasons for your membership to be revoked:
♠️ Inactive for more than 2 weeks without giving a reason in advance;
♠️ Having another (main) account without letting us know before joining;
♠️ Outrageous conduct (has to be seen as such by the majority of the council).
Contact and management:

Recruitment: 📧
♥️ Wan03: Diplo players
♥️ Nemo: Strategy players

Clan events:🎌
♥️ Nemo - Minister of War
♥️ dry-clean-only

Diplo and Role-play events:🎭
♥️ Wan03 - Hyaku manager

Internal competition:💪
♥️ psykkoman - Drill instructor
♥️ machine-washed bliss

♥️ Dutch Desire
♥️ Cata Cauda

Yes, 81 members are still not enough! \(^‿^)
CORP Recruitment Thread!: 9/2/2019 15:27:12

Level 59
How do I join?
Asking for an iFriend
- downvoted post by IRiseYouFall
CORP Recruitment Thread!: 9/2/2019 16:26:51

Level 65
IRiseYouFall, sure you represent different clan and different goals. Why not make your own thread instead of some writing some negative without any reason? Or why dont you prove you (your clan?) being better in ladders or other tournaments? Possibilities are open for everyone. Lots of good clans, just need to find what suits you :)
CORP Recruitment Thread!: 9/2/2019 19:27:14

Level 55
CORP Recruitment Thread!: 9/2/2019 19:37:52

[V.I.W] recruiting time! Join us !
Level 64
Yeah go with Corps... or with those that are massacrating them on French Brawl ;-)
CORP Recruitment Thread!: 9/2/2019 19:37:55

[V.I.W] recruiting time! Join us !
Level 64
Yeah go with Corps... or with those that are massacrating them on French Brawl ;-)
CORP Recruitment Thread!: 9/2/2019 21:29:06

NoName 2.1
Level 60
Good luck :) one of the biggest clan in the game really nice icon and real skill players
CORP Recruitment Thread!: 9/2/2019 22:34:56

Dexterous Strategist
Level 56
@Жұқтыру: That's a classic thread I am still proud for helping making it real. <3
CORP Recruitment Thread!: 9/3/2019 04:29:33

Level 59
I felt bad about that thread getting linked here, and then I came across:

If you f**k n****rs you get half-n****rs
    -Dutch Desire, explaining genotype and phenotype
I would restrict encouragement of suicide, except when it's directed against Muslims. ☺️
    -Dutch Desire, on his plans to recruit ISIS suicide bombers
Go back to the desert where your grandparents lived.
    -Dutch Desire, kindly reminding a brown Dutch immigrant to visit his family members
I've seen half-n****rs irl and it just looked so messed up.
    -Dutch Desire, lamenting the mistreatment of mixed-race people
So how about making a disease that kills every race except those who are 100% white?
    -Dutch Desire, speculating as to Thanos' motivations in Avengers: Infinity War
I'm sorry about the comments I've made; I should've known better.
    -Dutch Desire... just kidding, this is the only quote on this list that he never said
Classic indeed.
CORP Recruitment Thread!: 9/3/2019 10:28:28

Level 49
Knyte is still alive

My mood has shifted for the better.
CORP Recruitment Thread!: 9/3/2019 11:57:25

Level 65
Ok knyte and Жуктыру, I will ask DD to include your info into orignal post next time, so you wont have to overwork by copying each time you Ctrl-F CORP.
CORP Recruitment Thread!: 9/4/2019 04:29:15

Level 59
Hmm... seems a bit extreme for Dutch Desire to put all that in his new threads, but I think you're onto something.

What if CORP just put some sort of warning somewhere? Like maybe, idk, slapping the wartime flag of an Axis Power on its clan logo.
CORP Recruitment Thread!: 9/4/2019 05:37:22

Level 61
♣️ max. IQ 90

Edited 9/4/2019 05:37:38
CORP Recruitment Thread!: 9/4/2019 06:34:45

Level 65
I am part of CORP and even part of CORP management. I dont see a single reason to hold nazi flag, except for the fact that I am feeding trolls. Sorry made a mistake.
CORP Recruitment Thread!: 9/4/2019 07:00:38

Level 59
Yeah, you're right. Nazi flag is too far-fetched. How about Fascist Italy though?
CORP Recruitment Thread!: 9/4/2019 10:03:40

Level 62
isnt that imperial japan?
CORP Recruitment Thread!: 9/4/2019 10:57:13

Level 49
Nanking time
CORP Recruitment Thread!: 9/4/2019 15:00:16

Level 62
all corp members are welcome at Blitz.
CORP Recruitment Thread!: 9/4/2019 19:55:58

Level 58
Like maybe, idk, slapping the wartime flag of an Axis Power on its clan logo.
Actually, the Clan Icon is the Japanese naval jack, still in use today by the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force (and also very similar to the insignias of the Japanese Self-Defense Forces and the Japanese Ground Self-Defense Force). It's not the Japanese war flag. Its only association, historically, has been with the naval operations of Japan. If you want to talk about atrocities, virtually every flag of a geopolitically significant country is tainted- the American by Operation Condor and the War in Iraq, the Indian by Operation Polo and Operation Blue Star, the Russian by the illegal invasion of Ukraine and the harassment of Georgia and historically many other countries, the German by WWI/WWII/East Germany's horribly oppressive governance, the Korean by USAMGIK and various dictatorships, the Salvadorian by the Football War, the Mexican by Santa Anna and imperialism, the French by Napoleon and massive settler-colonialism, the Belgian by brutal conditions in Leopold's Congo, the Turkish by the Armenian Genocide, the Cambodian by the Khmer Rouge, the Somalian by piracy, civil war, and ethnic cleansing, the Rwandan by ethnic cleansing, etc.

classic thread https://www.warzone.com/Forum/94411-3-core-reasons-join-corp-4-auxilliary
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