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You should be able to see who blacklist you: 8/27/2019 22:43:53

Level 59
There are some games which I havent seen for some time, and I'm wondering if its because im blacklisted
You should be able to see who blacklist you: 8/27/2019 22:47:28

Level 60
I would like that!
You could see who your enemies are...
You should be able to see who blacklist you: 8/28/2019 02:12:20

Level 63
Try to add the player as a friend. If there’s an error, it’s because they player had you on their BL.
You should be able to see who blacklist you: 8/28/2019 06:19:12

Level 59
Seems like this feature would enable harassment, which is counterproductive to what the block list should do.
You should be able to see who blacklist you: 8/28/2019 07:28:13

Level 68
@knyte That’s rich, you built a program a few years ago to tell people this
You should be able to see who blacklist you: 8/28/2019 08:26:01

Level 63
^ Didn't that cause accidental DDoS?
You should be able to see who blacklist you: 8/28/2019 12:31:45

Cata Cauda
Level 59
You should be able to see who blacklist you: 8/28/2019 14:09:06

Level 62
most of the time, I don't think you're blacklisted for no reasons. What did you do?
You should be able to see who blacklist you: 8/28/2019 18:05:13

Level 59
i didnt do anything, im just suspicious, i havent seen this one game for some time and i cant find the player, maybe he left the game, but for sure i am on at least one persons blacklist, just curious nothing more, seems like a harmless feature to me
You should be able to see who blacklist you: 8/29/2019 12:17:54

Level 28
Make alt-check games.
You should be able to see who blacklist you: 8/29/2019 12:38:30

Level 55
no it's because your a shit player who likes to bully. get better with your attitude and you'd probably get more games available. I know I don't invite bully's and self entitled children
You should be able to see who blacklist you: 8/30/2019 01:12:44

Level 59
pls dont hate, i have generally good attitude
You should be able to see who blacklist you: 8/31/2019 08:47:13

Level 59
@Buns: Never said anything against building a tool. Just having an official feature to do this would lead to serious abuse.

@Elohim: If you're curious about just one player, do what DanWL suggested. Doing this for all players still appears feasible but honestly it'd be a waste of time to even care about that information. The playerbase absolutely dwarfs the number of times the block list feature gets used... odds are, even with some high-profile block lists, you probably won't see much impact on your gameplay unless you're really obsessed with some specific players.
You should be able to see who blacklist you: 8/31/2019 10:03:29

Level 59
@knyte : thanks, have done, i am not blacklisted, wondering whether or not I was made me think of implementing said feature, nothing else. Thanks to everyone else who replied to this forum thread aswell, except maybe StickyIcky
You should be able to see who blacklist you: 9/2/2019 23:24:30

Level 61
Wouldn't surprise me one bit if you were blacklisted Elo, considering how rude and pathetic you were in the one game I played against you. Just saying...
You should be able to see who blacklist you: 9/3/2019 02:47:32

Level 59
Edit: Since I cba to actually make the blacklist tool myself- the mechanics are simple. Warzone IDs increment for each new player (with the first and last two digits randomized- so my ID of 3022124041 is really 221240, and the next person to join after me is probably 221241, then 221242, and so on... [with some quirks]). You just need to iterate through these IDs, attempt to add players as Friends (which you might want to add some throttling to, since these are attempted write operations- albeit likely cheap ones), and add some logic to handle the outcome. You want to probably unfriend successfully-friended players (maybe save your actual friend list beforehand) and then handle all the failure cases to figure out which ones are occurring because you're blacklisted.

You will end up with a list of (real) IDs of players that have you blacklisted. Then you just need to convert those real IDs to the official ones- which, in the worst case, will require 10,000 requests to Warzone to try and find the actual player. (But you might be able to do this more cleverly...; also odds are the number is so small that a factor of 10,000 isn't going to hurt too bad.)

These are all of Elo's messages in that game (https://www.warzone.com/MultiPlayer?GameID=19417322); all emphasis is mine to save people time from scrolling through these lists...
  • team A, game is over, please dont make it longer than it has to be
  • not when its 3v2
  • our commanders are safe and sound
  • thats a good point
  • please dont do this
  • you are wasting your time and our time
  • pfff
  • seriously man
  • youre just being petty
  • i know maybe we went about wrong
  • but game is clearly over
  • thats all we really wanted to say
  • sorry if we were insulting
  • i dont mean any offence
  • no need to be so aggressive
  • i was sure what you are doing is breaking the rules
  • apparently not
  • if you want i delete the forum post
  • i may have gone about it wrong
  • asking you to surrender
  • but you have overreacted
  • this got out of control and very aggressive unnecessarily
  • sorry for asking you to surrender, i know it didnt sit well, but is very frustrating yo fight a game that is lost
  • to*
  • i think he may have suicided the commander
  • on purpose
  • no doubt
  • cryptic neo
  • all i want to say
  • is the game is over
  • please just leave it be and move onto the next one
  • dont be a f*****g b***h about it (censorship mine, to not get this post removed)
  • like your friend stickyicky here who is a warlight troll
And these are yours:
  • Little early for such a pronouncement, isn't it?
  • Well, you may be right but I'd like to at least have a confrontation before I'm willing to give up. After all, you may have more income, but how you deploy them is also key. Obviously you have a nice advantage right now but it ain't over yet. You can lose a player as fast as we did, right?
  • Since you all answered, why am I still waiting for my turn?
  • Yeah, aren't you in a hurry to prove how 'over' it is Thorben? Come and get it bro, lol! :)
  • Dumbass?? Not very neighborly there Mr. Genius. I guess we'll see just how smart you are, won't we. Make one lucky kill and you think you're special. Now there won't be any surrender no matter what. you'll have to kill every last army of mine to win this game. (editor's note: CrypticNeo got eliminated 5 turns later...)
  • Maybe YOU should read the message more carefully Jo. Not my problem Thor doesn't know how to use a comma properly. "Because I, dumbass, have too many...". May be toothless but you're still going to have to kill me. Don't care if it's 3 against 1, I'm fighting to the last man. Period.
  • Or do you think he's calling HIMSELF a dumbass Jo? If so, I'm afraid you may be one, lol!
  • In that case Thorben, I apologize for any insult to you or your teammates. Let's just play people, ok? Geez...
  • Yeah right. Would love to know how the hell every one of you have over 100 frigging armies every turn? I was spread out completely and only had 30+. I call total BS.
  • Turn 16, Elo deploys 140 with no card. There's not even 140 bonus armies on the whole board! Turn 15, Jo deploys 102, again no card. Where are all these magic reinforcements coming from guys? Turn 14, Jo deploys TWO HUNDRED THREE armies with no card?? How the Fu*k does THAT happen? Cheat much losers?
  • Good luck Sticky.
  • Ok fine, perhaps 'cheating' was too strong a word. That being said, for all your big talk Elo, I still don't see any explanation of how your team deployed over 400 armies in three turns when there isn't nearly that many bonus on the entire board combined. I'm not 'trolling', but yes, I was pissed because there's no way your team should've had anywhere NEAR that many armies! Even in the very beginning when you said we should quit because your team had over 80 armies. Again, how?? We had about 30 between us at that point I think.. I guess I'm just asking for an explanation of the impossible, right?
  • And Thor, maybe I DON'T understand the game. If Elo used 2 cards on the turn I was killed (and the History doesn't show that, as you stated, but it obviously should, no?), I ask again how it's possible to deploy over 240 armies in the previous 2 turns? Just how many cards was your team getting? As far as 'dragging it out', how the hell are we supposed to even know you're winning until a confrontation happens? What, we're just supposed to take your word for it and quit before battle even starts? Not likely!
You're trying to air dirty laundry with skid marks all over your underwear.

Edited 9/3/2019 03:08:52
You should be able to see who blacklist you: 9/3/2019 11:25:41

Level 59
thanks @knyte for your last message
You should be able to see who blacklist you: 9/3/2019 12:45:28

Level 49

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