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New Card Suggestions: 2019-08-18 22:10:06

Level 50
I am too lazy to create an account on the user voice forum (don't want too many accounts and passwords), so I would like to suggest 2 new cards here and if some kind soul were to take this content and post it in the user voice forum for ideas and features, it would be appreciated. I don't even care if they want to claim the credit

After seeing a few multi-player games (role-plays, pseudo-truces/alliances) where its up to the player trust to enforce, I thought it would be interesting if we could have a card that could actually enable this

Card Name: Union
Card Effect: Takes 2 players and forcibly makes them a team for a set duration of turns. While this card is in effect, the two players moves function the same as if they were an actual team. When the card effect ends, the players revert back to independent factions*
Recommended Default turns for duration is 4 turns
Recommended Default fragments to complete a card is 13 (It is a very powerful card)
Possible Base Card Image: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:TheAmazingRace-Intersection.png (this is also what inspired this idea)

Card Name: Divorce (alternative name: split), but Divorce would be more interesting
Card Effect: Takes 2 players on the same team and forcibly makes them independent factions. While this card is in effect, all moves function as if the teammates were enemies. When the effect ends, the players revert to being part of a team **
Recommended Default Duration of turns is 3 turns
Recommended Default fragments to complete a card is 11 (like e-blockade)

*Implementation of Union: This idea while interesting poses a number of challenges for gameplay. These are recommendations for specific scenarios that will most commonly be encountered and cause potential headaches. User-testing to identify other issues not forseen is highly recommended
1. A standard 1 vs 1. The card would not work, though the player could play it.
2. AI gameplay, the AI would discard the card when the hand is full, like they do with airlift, the spy.recon/surveillance/and e-blockade cards
3. A union played on a player already in a union: All players that a target player is united with are also part of the team, until a union card expires
(ie: player A unites with player B, player B had a union with C, A, B and C are part of the same team until the union between B and C expires
4. In an FFA where there are X players left and all remaining players are united. Unless a Divorce is in effect, The result is treated as a team win (exp earned from winning game divided evenly among all players united). However, in the event that there are no defeated players because all players played union to be the winning team, the game is treated as a draw (no exp rewarded except those from relevant achievements earned in the course of the game), otherwise, this could be exploited for exp farming :)
5. X vs X (applies to X vs X vs X and so on), If a player from one team plays union on a player from a different team, for the duration that union is in effect, only the player is brought over to the team, not their teammates (because they aren't united by union).
6. Cascading Unions: Referencing the scenario outlined in 5., In the event a player from another team plays union to get their teammate back, the player playing union will be added to the same team of the original union until the original union effect's expires.
7. This card is obtainable by being a warzone member, or a really high level
8. Union takes effect at the end of the turn played (like sanctions or diplomacy)

**Implementation of Divorce: This card poses even more challenges than union to bring to the game. These are recommendations for specific scenarios that will most commonly be encountered and cause potential headaches.
1. A standard 1 vs 1. The card does nothing as the two players are already competing against one another.
2. Played against an existing union: While Divorce is in effect, the effects of all Unions involving the targeted players are negated. Any subsequent unions are also negated until Divorce expires.
3. AI gameplay: If there are teams in the game or a known union, The AI would use the card against the team/union it feels most threatened by, similar to its logic for playing sanctions/diplomacy.
4. In an FFA where there are X players left and remaining players are united. If Divorce is played, the union is negated and the game continues between the unified and non-unified until Divorce expires (it obviously carries on like normal if union expires first).
5. X vs X (applies to X vs X vs X and so on): If a player from one team plays divorce on a player from a different team, for the duration that divorce is in effect, The targeted player is treated as a separate faction from the rest of their teammates. Since Divorce negates any unions involving the targeted player, the remaining teammates must either do battle with their former teammate or wait for Divorce to expire.
6. Cascading Divorces: If multiple divorces are played between two players, the effect simply carries on until the final divorce expires.
7. This card is obtainable at an advanced level (level 50 or higher) or purchasing the mega strategy pack
8. Divorce takes effect at the beginning of the turn played, even before deployments (like e-blockade or airlift). This makes Divorce very potent against a team as for the one turn the targeted teammates (either natural or through union) who coordinate to be working together could end up sabotaging or even destroying themselves. It also allows a player who doesn't want to share the glory the game. Divorce will not stop the situation outlined in union's 4th scenario.

Feel free to add commentary/thoughts/suggestions/concerns or raise any other scenario questions you can forsee. If you really like the idea and have an account on the idea thread, please add this to the user voice forum (one warzone account is enough for me to manage).

Edited 8/18/2019 22:10:49
New Card Suggestions: 2019-08-18 22:46:58

Level 60
For cards the Diplomacy cards covers basically all that you are asking for.

It sounds like you really just want rules (read: peace) enforced in RP/Diplo games, in which case you might want to look into the diplomacy mod. You need a M to host those games, so go and get the trial and try it?

Unfortunately changing teams mid-game is not supported by the game, so best we can do at the moment is what we have. Think there is a uservocice asking for it somewhere thru.
New Card Suggestions: 2019-08-19 00:05:25

Level 61
i can actually get divorced
New Card Suggestions: 2019-08-19 02:02:17

Level 59
With a Divorce card, Karen can now take all your kids (and the house) in Warzone too!
New Card Suggestions: 2019-08-19 08:58:19

Level 50
T-Best, I appreciate the thoughtful analysis. Yes as you said, the goal of this suggestion is in-game enforcement of peace/alliance

While its true I haven't played the diplomacy mod, I did read about it and I did look through the example game posted in the wiki before posting this (I assume you mean the advanced diplomacy mod). But there are 3 key differences between the mod and this card system if this system were implemented

1. Player permission is not required. The Diplomacy mod requires players to agree to make peace/alliance. On top of that, the player can only make peace/alliance between themselves and another player. In this system, a 3rd party could unify/divorce 2 different players. There isn't any perquisite that the card must be used on the player, playing it and the default at war system is preserved, allowing players who want to fight without having to wait a turn to do so.

2. New gameplay strategies are possible. Say you have a team that is dominating and a losing plays divorce forcing allies to fight it out or union to bring one attacker to their side which means they will absorb all their armies for those turns if the attacker plays it out, which could enable a comeback from the losing team that wouldn't be possible otherwise. It's not easy to mount a comeback as is.

3. The changing teams mid-game dynamic. As you stated, this is currently impossible for the game, but it would make things quite interesting if there were a mechanic that permitted it.

If you think I should still play a game with the diplomacy mod, and wouldn't mind creating one to test out the feature, I'd appreciate an invitation
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