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Commerce + Local Deployment is a Win: 7/10/2019 15:42:05

[REGL] Pooh 
Level 62
I've been thinking this a while now while playing some of the recent commerce games, and it really solidified in my brain when I was perusing the wiki for Commerce.

Commerce Overview:
Commerce games stray from just rewarding income to be used for armies the next turn. Instead, you get Gold, which can be spent on either armies or cities.

Gold is further earned by having cities.

The two main commerce settings that vary are the cost per city and the army multiplier penalty. The cost per city is the base cost of gold to place the first city on a territory. Each subsequent city costs +1 more gold, and all cities give +1 gold. Typically, the first army you deploy costs 1 gold, and with a default army multiplier of 10, the first 10 armies will all cost 1 gold each, then the next 10 cost 2 gold each, etc.

Local Deployment and Commerce
When you combine these settings, the gold earned from holding a bonus can only be spent either in that bonus, or building a city anywhere. Further, the gold earned from cities translates to anywhere armies.

You can use the gold earned from far-away territories to build cities, and subsequently use that gold to deploy anywhere armies far away from the territories that earned them.

Sample Games:
Here are two sample games for reference.
Commerce + Local Deployment is a Win: 7/10/2019 16:43:30

Level 60

Warzone Creator
Indeed, commerce reduces some of the tedium of large LD games, since you don't have to deploy to every bonus one you hit the army multiplier. I think the settings go together very well and I'm surprised that few have discovered this.

Edited 7/10/2019 16:43:54
Commerce + Local Deployment is a Win: 7/11/2019 08:48:56

C_____ B___
Level 47
This was actually a very good idea, and was popular during NinjaNic's tournament UC Davis.
Commerce + Local Deployment is a Win: 7/19/2019 17:16:22

Level 55
I have just created a multiplayer game, 2v2v2 using local deployments and commerce. The main difference is, very low income. I play tested it a number of times in a single player mode, I believe it should be quite interesting as a team game. It should promote cooperation, as a necessity for maximizing team gains.
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