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AI too hard? Nah!: 7/1/2019 12:41:36

John Simpson
Level 4
Like some of the other threads in this forum, I struggled against a single computer opponent (though multiple opponents are no problem). After playing a game with no fog of war, the AI became beatable, though it is never a quick victory, generally with a win in around 20-25 turns.

Here's what turned the tide for me:

1) The AI's initial picks are generally continents it can conquer in two turns. So that means South Africa, Antarctica, China, and a couple of others. What happens is that by the end of the second turn, it will take two of these and you're quickly behind in armies (the AI also gets a three unit starting bonus for a turn or two, so that compounds the effect). These are the priority targets. If you can pick the starting territories, take these, otherwise be near them. Ideally, you want one pick in North America, Africa, Asia, and Europe.
2) You need to hold on to those dispersed picks or stay in those areas. Don't get wiped out because it will be a long time before you get back and those armies add up for the computer.
3) Every turn, add one army to a two-stack so you can expand. You're not in a rush. If you take, say, North America, have a couple of areas where every turn you're attacking twice, maybe a third time, by adding one army to a two-stack. You'll conquer the North and South America, for example. Always keep expanding against neutrals. The AI doesn't do such a good job at that.
4) If the AI is investing in a high-army count continent you want, you'll have to go top heavy to keep it out. It seems to do a pattern of concentrating and then dispersing. You can catch it on a dispersal pattern whereby other territories in other areas get the bulk of the armies.
5) Don't give the AI many easy wins, such as zero army territories it attacks on a flank with a single unit.
6) Seldom do you need to big stack your armies. It's best to have strong, multiple territories adjacent to each other. That way the AI will beat itself up attacking your moderate sized stack. Remember, you don't want to take everywhere, just hold the territories that deny the computer a continent. You might wind up with a big stack that's surrounded by the enemies territories, but that's okay as long as you keep it alive.
7) When you're in an AI continent, you might want to keep a mobile defense. Move your whole stack into a zero arm territory in the same continent. Let the AI chase you. If it can't hit your big stack, it won't retake the continent.
8) Sometimes the AI big stacks a territory and surprises you. I think it's a random number algorithm to make it unpredictable.
9) Your goal is to have a single territory in all continents, denying the enemy the continent bonus. That will take some time, but when you have an easy opportunity to split a stack, do it.
10) On your choke points, keep some armies there (unless you're expanding to the adjacent territory or territories). Never have only one or two... the AI can big stack you and then you'll have to invest heavily to get your continent back. If you think you have a per turn army edge of at least a few armies, slowly build those up. It's not much of an investment, but it adds up over time.
11) Let the AI wear itself out in multiple attacks against your moderate sized stacks, unless you're using a mobile defense.. Over time, the extra 10 percent kill rate adds up.

I prefer to take North America first since it's got the smallest number of choke points for the army count. Then I expand to South America and Africa. South Africa I like to get in the beginning so as to keep a choke hold in the continent, then when I come over from Brazil, I push forward. Antarctica is another easy direction to go. Do this with two-stacks that get an extra army each turn to attack. Try to expand a little in Asia by getting single territories in multiple continents. You'll by adding armies regularly to this to keep yourself in the game. When the Americas are yours and you're rolling Africa (or rolled Africa), you'll have all the armies you need to complete the single territory in each continent goal. The computer will spread its armies out for the most part, so they won't make progress if you keep your Asia stacks moderate in size (at least six armies, preferably eight to ten).
AI too hard? Nah!: 7/1/2019 20:22:29

Level 61
Sounds like you're playing against the AI on (Modified) Medium Earth. Newer players often seem to struggle with the AI, so thanks for posting your findings. I moved it to the Strategy sub-forum for ya. A good tip: try the multiplayer through quickmatch: it'll take some time to learn how to play against humans, but it's well worth it! After you win some games, you'll unlock the Modified Medium Earth map in there and you can play some actual quality games.
AI too hard? Nah!: 7/1/2019 22:35:35

Roi Joleil
Level 60
1: Prod 2 will always pick on mme (Modified Medium Earth) the [Efficient +3 Bonuses] First
(will come back to what an "Efficient" Bonus is)
This means it will pick always Antarctica / Central America / Scandinavia /SouthEast Asia from 1-4. It will not pick it if it is Wastelanded (has a neutral 10inside) after that it will pick all [Efficient +4 Bonuses] on the map.
It will never pick any Wastelanded or [Inefficientt Bonus]
However there is also Prod 2 Random. This bot picks everything but Wastelanded Bonuses.
It seems like you play "Prod 2" wich is interesting as i always thought all games played use the "Random Version"

2: Never keep a high stack border against the AI. It will only react to **What it sees** and not to **How much you potentially deploy to it** This makes it very easy to get a low border with the AI and the AI sees "oh only 3 units easy take" and will attack with 5. That is easily predicteable so you only have to deploy 5 units [Delay] a lot and then you got an easy break. Here is a good example of me doing it where as MGO stacked always https://www.warzone.com/MultiPlayer?GameID=15908792
Note Howevere if the AI just got a shit ton of income and has nowhere to expand but against you it will not work.

3: The AI is stronger in "No Fog" games. The reason being it can see your income. In "Normal Fog" games and higher it cant see your income so it falls back to always predicting your [Base Income]. When your [Base Income] is on 5 it will think you can only deploy 5 units. It also has no memory so every turn it forgets what happened last turn such the AI will never follow any long term strategie wich can explain some of the dumb moves.

lets explain a few things i put in []

Efficient Bonus.
look at Central America and then South Africa. both are worth 3 but count the territories. Central America has only 4 territories but South Africa has 5 territories. and East Africa above is worth 4 units and also only has 5 territories. You may know already what the Inefficient Bonus is here.. Its South Africa. on the mme (Modified Medium Earth) map are 6 inefficient Bonuses.

Delaying is moving your units around that are inside your income area that have nothing to do like attacking neutral or attacking the opponent. Moving them around creates "Delays". You want to make all your Delays in the beginning of the turn (you see the orders list on the right. on the top it hast highest priority on the bottom lowest). Why do you want to delay? Delaying makes it more likely that a possible enemy attack runs into your stack first wich gives your Stack the advantage due to the 60% offensiv / 70% defensiv killrate. The AI will never delays any of his attacks wich makes it even easier to out delay it.
Also there is a "Delay Card"
This Delay Card will delay all your orders that are below it (on the orders list). Even if your orders are only "Delay Card - Attack" your Attack will happen after nomatter what how many delays your opponent does. Such "Delay Card > A billion Delay"
The AI does not know how to play Priority Cards and Delay Cards such using the Delay Card is an 100% out delay against the AI.

Base Income
The Income you start the game with aka the Income you have when you conroll no Bonus.

Edited 7/1/2019 22:42:21
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