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Concise MOD description?: 6/24/2019 22:37:17

art a waw
Level 54
Hi everyone can anyone tell me what's up with connected commander mod? The explanation of most mods are hard to understand and CC description is hellish.
Concise MOD description?: 6/24/2019 23:09:22

Level 63
Contact the mod creator
Concise MOD description?: 6/24/2019 23:47:18

Master Cowboy 
Level 60
Master of Desaster, commonly known as MOD, is a famous Warzoner and member of the games most talent filled clan, MASTER Clan.
He has won all strategic trophies on the site, and has one of the highest win percentages in the modern clan league era.
Concise MOD description?: 6/24/2019 23:54:39

Level 61
Mods are hard to understand when you're not aware of basic concepts they try to modify. Try checking the wiki pages and experiment with the mod in singleplayer to get an idea of what it's doing. If that doesn't help, contact MoD. He's my friend.
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