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Looking for a clan: 4/6/2014 15:13:17

Level 61

I'm looking for a group of fun, active and competitive players to play and hone my skills with. I'd like it if the clan competed against other clans in leagues or matches and all members have a chance to qualify for such events, so I'll have something extra to strive for :)

I'm open to playing almost all kinds of maps/templates (not so fond of roleplaying though) and I am very eager to learning new formats for playing, strategy etc.

Here are my stats as of right now:

Joined WarLight: 2/4/2014
Member since 4/2/2014
Currently playing in 16 multi-player games
Played in 244 multi-player games (53.2% real-time)
This player has been booted 1 time (0.4%) -- Very dependable ;)

Ladder Statistics

1 v 1 ladder: Not Ranked with a rating of 1757.

2 v 2 ladder with TomTrix: Not Ranked with a rating of 1521.

Real-Time ladder: Ranked 53rd with a rating of 1396.
Ranked Games

Completed 227 ranked games (136 / 227)

1v1: 124 / 198 (63%)
3 player FFA: 1 / 1 (100%)
4 player FFA: 1 / 1 (100%)
5 player FFA: 1 / 4 (25%)
6 player FFA: 0 / 1 (0%)
21 player FFA: 1 / 11 (9%)
31 player FFA: 0 / 1 (0%)
2v2: 7 / 9 (78%)
3v3: 1 / 1 (100%)

If I'm eligible for trying out for your clan (and you are recruiting members at the moment) please send me an mail or post a reply here :)
Looking for a clan: 4/6/2014 15:42:42

Level 61
Hey Darkpie, you are welcome to try out for the SNinja clan if you want. We have about 4-5 players who are at your level and others who are improving. We are currently looking for a few more players, and it is always good to get some who have experience in the ladders. We are currently participating in the clan league, and host tournaments fairly often. Anyway, feel free to check out our website http://warlight.net/Clans/?ID=69 and let me know if your interested.
Looking for a clan: 4/6/2014 16:30:33

Level 57
101st can take you, and you will have chances to compete with both 101st and Lynx. Once you've improved enough you may be able to join Lynx. If you want more info message me! :)
Looking for a clan: 4/7/2014 23:19:57

Master Turtle 
Level 61
Icelandic Turtles is a newer clan but age is just a number. Your welcome to tryout here our tryouts are quite simple with you playing a couple 1vs1 games and a 2vs2 game with me! We would love for you to tryout so let me know if your interested.

We respect any choice you make towards joining other clans.

~Icelandic Turtles Clan
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