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Warzone Ultimate Series: 4/3/2019 21:15:06

Phakh Gokhn 
Level 62
Warzone Ultimate Series: 4/3/2019 21:40:38

Level 26
Warzone Ultimate Series: 4/3/2019 22:03:03

Level 60
Warzone Ultimate Series: 4/3/2019 22:03:03

Level 60
Warzone Ultimate Series: 4/3/2019 22:03:12

Level 60
Warzone Ultimate Series: 4/3/2019 22:05:59

Level 60
Warzone Ultimate Series: 4/4/2019 17:07:08

Level 60
Good templates, but malaria's better.
Warzone Ultimate Series: 4/6/2019 17:11:11

{101st} Syphen
Level 60
I’m also reserved
Warzone Ultimate Series: 4/9/2019 18:27:57

Phakh Gokhn 
Level 62
I just wanted to make a reminder that the 1st tournament is getting close to starting. Right now 15 players have joined and only 5 more are needed for it to start. You can check this tournament with this link https://www.warzone.com/MultiPlayer/Tournament?ID=29136

Most if not all players might appear weak to some of you, but participating in the tournaments is the only way to get to tier 1, meaning that all the good players who join now, probably will be promoted to tier 1 and then getting to fight them and have fun games will be much harder. So if you want some challenge, it's best to join now, or later you might need to go through early tournaments with not as many good players and therefore those tournaments will be more boring for you.

The template used for this template is one of its kind and probably won't be reused ever again in official tournaments, so now is the best time to experience it with fresh eyes. This template might look foreign to you, but it's the case with everyone else. I played a few test games with trusted players and I've come to conclusions that this template is strategically fair.
Warzone Ultimate Series: 4/9/2019 19:53:03

Level 57
can i reserve a wee spot there? thanks
Warzone Ultimate Series: 4/9/2019 19:56:17

Phakh Gokhn 
Level 62
just sent you an invite and will keep inviting you to new tournaments once they are made. Thank you for reserving yourself a spot! Try to join quick, if you don't, someone else might join and tournament will start without you.
Warzone Ultimate Series: 4/10/2019 14:51:14

Phakh Gokhn 
Level 62
Our first tournament has begun! You can check it here https://www.warzone.com/MultiPlayer/Tournament?ID=29136 20 players are competing for the first opportunity to reach phase 2! Most of them aren't well known, so there's potential for some big surprises in this tournament.

I've already made the 2nd tournament https://www.warzone.com/MultiPlayer/Tournament?ID=29170 and I've already invited all current Warlight Ultimate Series' players to it. It's never too late to join Warzone Ultimate Series, new players can join it whenever they're interested, they just need to make a post in this thread or contact me directly. 1 tournament can be enough to qualify to phase 2. Players can join as many tournaments as they want and find the perfect game amount for them.

Currently the next objective is testing upcoming tournament templates. So far the settings are more or less decided, but there might be some changes made to make templates more fair for competitive play. So far I'm intending each tournament to have different approach to card settings: some templates will have a lot of them, some very few. In some players will get cards fast and in some card gain will be slow. Another setting which will vary is fog settings. Right now tournament with heavy fog has been already made, complete fog tournament is currently waiting for players. Next few tournaments will include light fog, normal fog and dense fog. Other settings will be revealed as tournaments are being made.

I also will try to make this and upcoming three templates as quickly as possible. If tournaments start around same time they tend to end at the same time too, which means that players will be able to join 2nd-5th place player special tournament at optimal time.

Warzone Ultimate series are still a new event series, which means that there's a need for more participating players. I will work intensively to find more players interested to participate in these series.

Once enough games finish I will also look into making some reviews. They might come in both text and video formats. Format will depend a lot on how much time I've got for it. Text reviews are generally quicker to do.

So far these are my main plans. As event will be going on I will keep regularly updating this thread, adding/editing more posts and releasing more updates, so stay tuned for more Warzone Universal Series related material to come out soon.
Warzone Ultimate Series: 4/12/2019 00:12:25

Phakh Gokhn 
Level 62
2nd Warzone Ultimate Series tournament has already begun, you can check its progress by using this link: https://www.warzone.com/MultiPlayer/Tournament?ID=29170

I just made the 3rd tournament: https://www.warzone.com/MultiPlayer/Tournament?ID=29189 I was initially going to release it later, but changed my mind, because this template uses local deployments and games with this setting tend to take longer periods of time to finish. Other important settings are 1 base income and all bonus values set to 1, to accompany this neutral and wasteland army counts were adjusted as well. The idea of this is to make every single army matter even more than ever before. Also same is applied to card settings: Only reinforcement card recharges and other cards come in 1 unit and don't regenerate. In this tournament every single decision matters, every single deploy and move transfer too.

So far my goals remain same as listed in previous update. I'll be trying to fill the 3rd tournament and then work on the 4th and 5th tournaments. After that will move to next goals, most likely reviewing some games.

I've noticed that 2 of the players have decided to surrender all of their games in the tournaments. Such actions diminish experience for others and takes away opportunity to participate from other players who want to join. Players who repeatedly join and surrender all games immediately, will get banned from Warzone Ultimate Series and will not get invited to future tournaments. If player doesn't like the tournament, there's no shame in declining it or at least not joining.
Warzone Ultimate Series: 4/19/2019 20:55:19

Phakh Gokhn 
Level 62
3rd Warzone Ultimate Series tournament has begun recently. It has light fog setting, so it's possible to view games under progress. Here's link to the tournament: https://www.warzone.com/MultiPlayer/Tournament?ID=29189

4th tournament has been just made https://www.warzone.com/MultiPlayer/Tournament?ID=29248 This tournament will use mostly basic settings compared to previous tournaments. The big change is that base income, bonus values, neutral count have been rebalanced to make 1 territory bonuses give income and not be overpowered and then the bigger the bonus becomes, the more worthwhile it is to get it (the bonus size increases its value much more than under normal map bonus values). This might make some values look out of control, but plenty of test games have been played and test games resembled regular games.

Another intention with this template is to give player multiple expansion options. 1 of them is going for bigger bonuses as mentioned above. Some of the bonuses have been increased even further in their income value and because of bonus values now coming in double digits, that increase wasn't too high to break the flow of the games. Those buffed bonuses also mostly are in difficult positions, so extra income helps to balance out for harder defense options.

The final expansion option are wastelands. On these settings each wasteland is worth 0 armies, so it acts like a force increasing bonus's value. If more than 1 wasteland lands up in same bonus, that bonus basically becomes a must have and players need to decide how they will approach the situation. Wastelands can also knock out regular starts which make that bonus longterm a very nice expansion spot.

Both players start with 8 picks each and Heavy Earth map has many small bonuses, so on this template there will be plenty of options for double, triple and even bigger chained starts to get early bonuses quickly.

The other noticeable change from basic templates is the amount of cards and how fast they're gained. Most cards only need 1 piece for full completion (including bomb card!), so players will be getting a lot of them. The base card limit is low, which means that hoarding good cards will be harder as players will be forced to discard or use high amounts of cards. It's also important to notice that sanctions card is worth -20%, so it will increase the income of target instead of reducing it. Another important thing to notice is that surveillance and reconnaissance cards both last multiple turns after getting played.

If you're interested to get invited to Warzone Ultimate Series 4th tournament, leave a post below or contact me directly. I'll make sure to invite you to this and future tournaments. Once this tournament fills, I'll be making 5th tournament immediately after. It will likely have dense fog as one of its settings.
Warzone Ultimate Series: 4/19/2019 23:51:49

Level 35
can I reserve a place in the fourth tournament
Warzone Ultimate Series: 4/21/2019 22:31:50

Phakh Gokhn 
Level 62
5th tournament has been made https://www.warzone.com/MultiPlayer/Tournament?ID=29261

So apparently Spring came, which means that Easter arrived and people decided that they need cookies. They embarked onto a journey through world and finally found the the Kingdom of Farah. It had huge cookies, as big as mountains and they came in all kind of flavors starting with chocolate and ending with lemon. These mountains also had very warm climate, which was perfect for mosquitoes to breed. And because of spring season, their population was growing up very fast. These mosquitoes could spread a very deadly disease called 'MALARIA' which would make humans very sick and eventually kill them.

Despite this risk people boldly decided to go for the cookies. As soon as they reached the cookie mountains, they started tasting the cookie crust and it was the most delicious thing, they've ever tasted, a true divine gift! Humans quickly turned on each other and started fighting for who can take all the cookies for themselves.

Unlike for humans, mosquitoes, were very specific about their tastes. Due to their small body, they could only take in so much blood, so they needed to ensure, that the meal inside their system was the tastiest they could find. For different mosquito, different blood was best, so they targeted different humans. They quickly learned that taking human blood was much harder than they thought of, people would quickly start using bug spray, bombs and sanctions on mosquitoes and whenever they would manage to get close humans would shield themselves with diplomacies and blockades and also would try to dodge mosquitoes with airlifts and order priority moves.

Little flying bugs soon realized, that by themselves they stand no chance to taste human blood. So did humans soon realize that getting all the cookie was unlikely as bomb after bomb and punch after punch, nothing would work on humans. These people were so tough that they nicknamed each other "Commanders", because they would always give out orders like "please die!", "give me your cookie!", "leave the mountains!".

Mosquitoes were not only hungry, they were clever. They knew how to speak English. They saw humans struggle and decided that best way to get their blood is to choose a human whom they don't like, team with him, help him defeat his enemy and then while dead opponent's blood is still warm, drink as much of it as possible. Mosquitoes quickly formed factions and showed humans with whom they want to ally by forming English words in air. Deadly alliances formed and The Kingdom of Farah soon delved into total war state!

There is only room for 20 humans to fit in the Kingdom of Farah and only one of them will be left standing alive in the coming months. Find out the latest developments of this war on this tournament page https://www.warzone.com/MultiPlayer/Tournament?ID=29261

There is still more space for more humans to enter Cookie mountains, but the time is ticking and soon the 20 player tournament of life and death will begin. Those who want to be shown the path to the Kingdom of Farah, should make a loud public shout or try to make a private contact with a warrior who goes by the name 'Phakh Gokhn', if you do it quickly enough, you might still be able to join this tournament in time!
Warzone Ultimate Series: 4/22/2019 00:50:50

{101st} Syphen
Level 60
This one filled up very quickly :(
Warzone Ultimate Series: 4/28/2019 03:45:23

{101st} Syphen
Level 60
Next tourney when
Warzone Ultimate Series: 5/25/2019 14:51:27

{101st} Syphen
Level 60
Nudging this so it doesn’t die
Warzone Ultimate Series: 5/25/2019 16:58:41

Lord Fred100
Level 56
Warzone Ultimate Series: 5/25/2019 19:20:49

Phakh Gokhn 
Level 62
I was planning to bump this myself, but thanks for making a bump. I appreciate it. I'm writing my bachelor thesis for university right now, deadline for paper is may 30th and after that I'll have like 6 days to do some stuff to prepare for its final defense. So by June 10th should be completely free.

The tournaments have been going by much quicker than I anticipated, so there'll be a lot of material for me to review once I'm ready to undertake this 100%.
Warzone Ultimate Series: 6/13/2019 01:05:41

Level 58
Are there any more tournaments any of the participants will get invited to?

Edited 8/9/2019 11:40:41
Warzone Ultimate Series: 6/13/2019 16:58:42

Phakh Gokhn 
Level 62
Warzone Ultimate Series June 13th Grand Update

Most of May up to June 6th I was writing Bachelor thesis and as result didn't have the time to make updates for the series. Starting with June 7th I was working intensively to update this thread.

Following changes were made:
  • Updated tournaments’ progress.
  • Updated list of active players.
  • Added Rules post.
  • Added list of suspended players.
  • Added post listing all rule violations from players.
  • Added top 10 player lists.
  • Added Ongoing tournament standings.
  • Added Players’ statistics.
  • Added list of participating challengers and their preferred templates.
  • Added 2nd phase run list
  • Added review material list

One of the main things that I worked the hardest on was creation of Video reviews for tournaments. A total of ~14 hours of video footage has been made.

Full list of videos made:

One of the main issues plaguing 1st Season of Warzone Ultimate Series is various rules violation. Most popular misconducts include getting booted or surrendering during 1st turn. There was a total of 198 1st turn surrenders and 242 boots, in addition to that there were multiple games where surrender would happen suspiciously early like 2nd-3rd turn, ~3 games with extreme cases of stalling. So there was a total of ~470 low quality games out of 882 existing games at the time and the number might go up with last few tens of games created or finished. This would make ~53% of created games problematic and in each tournament legit players would get up to 10-11 cheap wins. This was lowering the quality of the tournaments so I decided to make a crackdown on issue and make massive amount of suspensions: a total of 24 players got suspended for a total of 157 tournament entries, the most suspensions 1 player received was 21 tournaments and to achieve that he had to get 63 boots and 2 1st turn surrenders.

From now on onwards the rules will be strictly enforced to ensure more competitive and fun environment. To avoid getting suspensions is easy: Just don’t surrender on 1st turn, don’t get booted or don’t stall already lost games. Every 3 1st turn surrenders/boots amount 1 tournament suspension, so for example getting booted once or twice will be fine and won’t get player suspended. Also vacations are allowed, so getting booted is relatively easy to be avoided. Main thing that should always be done is checking settings before joining tournament and making sure that you approve of them. Forfeiting 1 tournament after its start, can result in player getting suspended from participating up to 6 upcoming tournaments.

Nuclear Apocalypse 1v1 tournament has already ended and other 4 tournaments are getting close to their finishing as well. Because of this 10 game run phase has approached. Each tournament awards 1 ticket for best performing player, so 5 different players will be able to directly participate in 2nd phase: in it they would need to play versus 10 different challengers on 10 different templates and try to win at least 4 of the games. This would allow these players to proceed to final 3rd phase. The challengers participating in this phase are top tier players, right now there are 5 top 25 1v1 and multiday ladder players, and I plan to find more players of similar skill level, so all of the games played in this phase are very exciting and worth a watch.

List of my nearest planned actions:
  • Once all current 5 1v1 tournaments end, there will be 6th special tournament made for participants of first 5 tournaments. In this tournament 5 more tickets for 2nd phase will be awarded.
  • Keep looking for challengers for phase 2.
  • Work towards finding competitive team-mates for phase 3 (phase 3 consists for WUS participants showing that they can play team games well in a total of 5 team games.)
  • Review some 2nd phase games (might take some time to get to this).
  • Make and play-test the templates for Warzone Ultimate Series: Season 2 (5 more brand new tournaments + 1 special tournament)
Warzone Ultimate Series: 6/23/2019 13:52:28

Phakh Gokhn 
Level 62
Warzone Ultimate Series June 23rd Update

amerlafrance has recently begun his 10 games run, he has already finished 6 of his game and managed to win 1 of them. In his remaining 4 games amerlafrance needs to win at least 3 more games if he wants to pass to the 3rd phase. I reviewed all of his 6 already finished games and posted reviews on youtube and bitchute video platforms. Each game was played on a different template versus a different player and all 6 opponents were highly skilled players, so all the games have got plenty of good moves and ideas displayed in them. Watching these reviews should be great way to get good understanding of all the 6 different templates used.

You can find these reviews plus additional material on this youtube playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLNdEh83UPStX8IQ42FDz-SHppdaLgWSqK
Alternatively you can check my bitchute channel to find newest reviewed material: https://www.bitchute.com/channel/IthHk3cpXIk7/

Links to individual game reviews:

Remaining 4 reviews will probably be made after amerlafrance finishes his 10 game run.
Warzone Ultimate Series: 7/19/2019 11:40:13

Phakh Gokhn 
Level 62
Warzone Ultimate Series July 19th Update
As of recently I've been working on producing more review material. There's been a lot of development in WUS 2nd phase:
  • amerlafrance finished his run with 1 win and 9 loses.
  • kram entered the run and so far has 2 wins and 5 loses.
  • Druedain entered 2nd phase and quickly finished it with 10 loses.
  • Samwise recently entered and has lost 3 games so far.
  • Brian Jones is preparing to enter and so far no game has been made for him

So far a lot of loses and very few wins in 2nd phase. It appears that the current season players need more training and preparation before participating in 2nd phase. I just finished reviewing remaining amerlafrance's games (including his replacement game as well), here are the completed reviews:

Review structure is like this: Template and map overview, pick analysis and full game analysis. These 2 parts are separated by timestamps in the review description. I go fully through all turns and often talk about potential plays which could have happened. I made sure to make my reviews easy to understand and watching the review should help to prepare to play on specific template if you have never played on it before.

So far I'm planning to review more games and will be posting new reviews once they're ready. Currently season 2 is being scheduled behind the scenes and should begin very soon, most likely within next 2 weeks. In my next few updates I will be elaborating more on the subject matter, but if you're interested, you can already reserve yourself a spot in upcomming tournaments. There will be total of 5 tournaments made, each with different and unique settings and those who perform well in the tournaments will receive tickets to participate in 2nd phase and fight against some of the best Warzone players.

Edited 7/19/2019 11:41:21
Warzone Ultimate Series: 7/21/2019 12:51:23

Phakh Gokhn 
Level 62
Warzone Ultimate Series July 21st Update
During last 2 days I reviewed 4 additional games:

All reviews go in extra detail to describe strong starting positions, potential plays. I also describe all the important settings and how they function. To make video more navigable, I have added a few timestamps to each video's description. Notes for some reviews:
  • During kram's game versus Jo Jo, I forgot to mention a possible use of blockade card, I talked about that in video's description.
  • One of biggest and popular mistake is trying to use out delaying strategies while not having enough delay moves. In kram Vs SNDBX game I checked history from kram's perspective at the end of video to showcase how to calculate opponent's income and expansion behind point, plus I pointed how easy it's to see with how many moves kram was being out delayed.
  • During Druedain Vs piggy game I go into a lot of detail regarding 75% offensive and 50% defensive kill rates and in real time I showcase how to calculate how much armies you need to kill X army stack or afford getting hit by X stack first. This might be a boring explanation to some players, so I added some timestamps for those viewers, who would want to skip to later part of review

Some developments happened in 2nd phase:
  • kram defeats Lord Koros and now has 3 wins and 8 loses, if he wins at least 1 of his last 2 games, he qualifies to 3rd phase.
  • Samwise loses to Jo Jo and now has 4 loses and 0 wins.
  • Brian Jones begins his 10 game run, he's going to play in 2 games at a time and none of his games have ended yet.

I did all the big reviews that I had planned to do and for a time being will be moving to preparing for 2nd season of Warzone Ultimate Series. My next big goal is giving short overview over all new templates which will be used in upcomming season, I also will be overviewing special tournament's template, which will be part of 1st season, but will be starting nearly at the same time as 2nd season.

So far these things are clear about how new tournaments would be managed:
  • Regular tournaments:
    • 1st 24 hours dedicated to players who have requested to join that tournament. Each participant will get a chance to pick one of five tournaments and for their picked tournament they will receive extra priority. This should ensure that player gets to play on their favorite template.
    • Next 24 hours would be dedicated to those players who haven't joined any tournaments yet. This would help to increase chances that all players get to play in at least 1 tournament.
    • Later 24 hours would be dedicated to remaining participants.
    • If there are still some open spots after first 72 hours, I would go looking for more players interested to join the tournament

  • Special tournament:
    • Top 4 best available players from each previous regular tournament get invited. Players who have received tournament suspensions would be ignored, but their suspension length would be shortened by 1 tournament. If regular tournament hasn't ended yet, top 4 best players would be determined by total win amount.
    • If tournament doesn't get filled 5 additional players (1 per each regular tournament) who are next in rankings, would get invited, this would continue until all non suspended participants get invited.

  • If tournament hasn't started yet, I will invite all participant who haven't joined any tournament yet. (applies to participants who have joined WUS prior to July 21st)
  • Next in line of invitations would be challengers from phase 2.
  • Later I would invite all newly joined players and would look for some more interested players myself.

These lists in great detail showcase how tournaments would get filled and how the overall process will be going. Regular tournaments will be dedicated to 5 different maps. They're currently:

The main focus of the templates will be the challenge brought up by the unique map, complex setting amount will be reduced, but some tournaments will still receive settings like local deployments, no split or heavy fog. Unlike in season 1, some templates will have no cards and no advanced settings, making them much easier to understand. The templates will be evaluated by how much time they take to complete, there will be 3 categories:
  • Fast template (~5 turns on average to decide the outcome of game)
  • Normal template (~10 turns on average to decide the outcome of game)
  • Slow template (~15+ turns on average to decide the outcome of game)

The first created tournament will be the slowest and each subsequent tournament will be quicker than previous (based upon average speed of play testing games), this will help to ensure that all 5 tournaments end at a similar date. All 5 templates have already been rigorously play tested and up to tournaments' creation there might be additional test games played. Great effort has been put towards ensuring that each template is fair and allows multiple playing strategies in each game.

My next big priority is to make a total of 6 videos dedicated to explaining each tournament, once I make them, I'll make all the templates publicly available. All videos will be short and I won't go into too much detail, more detailed reviews would be released after the tournaments have begun. These videos would simply serve as overview of all the settings and the map, but talking about successful strategies will be kept to minimum. Part of WUS tournaments is creating your own strategy and because template hasn't been played before it means that all the participants start on equal ground.

Edited 7/21/2019 12:51:42
Warzone Ultimate Series: 7/22/2019 12:56:19

Phakh Gokhn 
Level 62
Warzone Ultimate Series July 22nd update

Samwise has won game versus MaikMcJuggle and lost games to piggy and SNDBX, this leaves him at 1 total victory and 6 defeats. If Samwise still manages to manage his last 3 games, he still could technically qualify to next phase.

I made preview videos for all 6 upcoming tournaments' templates, so it's time to reveal them:

    Special Tournament
  • Template name: Bomberman
  • Template settings:
    • Map: Grid https://www.warzone.com/Map/1472-Grid
    • Notable settings:
      • Multi-attack
      • Light fog
      • Reinforcement card in one piece to give 50*Turn_Number armies
      • Emergency Blockade card to multiply army count by 499,9 times
      • Many bomb cards
      • (to be included) Gift card
    • Anticipated game length: long
  • Short description: This template is based around getting at least 1 territory per turn, while in the meantime trying to hunt down opponent's stacks and eliminate them with bomb cards.
  • Overview video:
  • Example game: https://www.warzone.com/MultiPlayer?GameID=18974274
  • Scheduled invitation dates:
    • July 29th ~15:00 London time (UTC +1): Initial 20 participants
    • July 30th ~15:00 London time (UTC +1): Remaining WUS participants who played in 1st Season
    • July 31st ~15:00 London time (UTC +1): All players who have registered as participants up to July 21st
    • August 1st ~15:00 London time (UTC +1): WUS Challengers
    • August 2nd ~15:00 London time (UTC +1): Everyone else

    Regular Tournaments
  • Tournament #01: Eastern Warfare
    • Map: Khan https://www.warzone.com/Map/6664-Khan
    • Notable settings:
      • Heavy Fog
      • Custom distribution
      • Commanders
      • Multiple reconnaissance cards
      • Emergency and regular blockade cards, surveillance card, bomb, order priority and delay cards
      • Commerce multiplier for each 10 armies
      • City costs 5 gold
      • 4x army cap
    • Anticipated game length: long
    • Short description: This template is based around careful expansion planning and using scouting cards to predict your opponent's moves.
    • Overview video:
    • Example game: https://www.warzone.com/MultiPlayer?GameID=19116560
    • Scheduled invitation dates:
      • August 1st ~15:00 London time (UTC +1): Reserved participants
      • August 2nd ~15:00 London time (UTC +1): Remaining participants
      • August 3rd ~15:00 London time (UTC +1): Newly applied participants

  • Tournament #02: 4D Brawl
    • Map: Mirror Earth https://www.warzone.com/Map/313-Mirror-Earth
    • Notable settings:
      • 30% offensive killrate
      • 35% defensive killrate
      • Unique territory connection system
      • Order priority and delay, blockade, reinforcement cards
      • Modified bonus values
    • Anticipated game length: average/long
    • Short description: This template is based around prolonged combat while using multiple connections for fast expansion or alternative attack ways.
    • Overview video:
    • Example game: https://www.warzone.com/MultiPlayer?GameID=19119417
    • Scheduled invitation dates:
      • August 4th ~15:00 London time (UTC +1): Reserved participants
      • August 5th ~15:00 London time (UTC +1): Participants who haven't joined any tournaments
      • August 6th ~15:00 London time (UTC +1): Remaining participants
      • August 7th ~15:00 London time (UTC +1): Newly applied participants

  • Tournament #03: Illogical Earth
    • Map: Hopscotch https://www.warzone.com/Map/2554-Hopscotch
    • Notable settings:
      • No split
      • Local deployments
      • Big starting stacks
      • Unique territory connection system
      • Modified bonus values
    • Anticipated game length: average
    • Short description: This template is based around adapting to jumping style connections and preparing expansion and transfer plans in advance.
    • Overview video:
    • Example game: https://www.warzone.com/MultiPlayer?GameID=19118326
    • Scheduled invitation dates:
      • August 7th ~15:00 London time (UTC +1): Reserved participants
      • August 8th ~15:00 London time (UTC +1): Participants who haven't joined any tournaments
      • August 9th ~15:00 London time (UTC +1): Remaining participants
      • August 10th ~15:00 London time (UTC +1): Newly applied participants

  • Tournament #04: Neutrality
    • Map: Negativity https://www.warzone.com/Map/10504-Negativity
    • Notable settings:
      • Unique bonus structure
      • Many starting picks
      • Most cards
      • Modified bonus values
    • Anticipated game length: short/average
    • Short description: This template is based around risk and rewards calculations during expansion/fighting. In order to gain income player needs to lose some income first.
    • Overview video:
    • Example game: https://www.warzone.com/MultiPlayer?GameID=19116762
    • Scheduled invitation dates:
      • August 10th ~15:00 London time (UTC +1): Reserved participants
      • August 11th ~15:00 London time (UTC +1): Participants who haven't joined any tournaments
      • August 12th ~15:00 London time (UTC +1): Remaining participants
      • August 13th ~15:00 London time (UTC +1): Newly applied participants

  • Tournament #05: Ultimate Linewar

All tournaments by default should have these settings:
  • 4 days boot
  • Respected vacations
  • Round robin tournament
  • 2 games at a time
  • 20 total players
  • Automatic surrenders
  • Attack only is on
  • Transfer only is on
  • Can attack by percentage

Main rules to follow while in tournament:
  • Avoid getting booted, for each 3 boots a penalty of 1 tournament suspension will be given.
  • Avoid surrendering before making picks, for each 3 picking stage surrenders a penalty of 1 tournament suspension will be given.
  • Avoid stalling a lost game, for each obviously stalled game there will be 1 tournament suspension.
  • Any other suspicious behaviour like surrendering in first few turns before any combat has taken or abnormally long turn times while visibly losing the game, will be investigated and if wrong doing is detected, participant will be informed about the situation and I will attempt learn the reasons behind such actions. Repeated suspicious playing without any good given reason will result in giving
    official warnings. 2 warnings equal 1 tournament suspension.

Getting booted, surrendering in picking stage or obvious stalling (example would be running from opponent with 1 stack, while opponent has many times more income and just avoiding to get eliminated while extending game's duration) are clear violations and for those situations I will be strict. Other potential violations might be overlooked, but if I see streaks of games with suspiciously early surrenders or long commit times in lost positions, I will contact participants and attempt to resolve situations without using warnings or tournament suspensions.

There might happen some delays with tournament creation dates, due to fact that one player can only have 5 created tournaments at a time. I will work on this issue by making one of my alternative accounts reach high level. My alternative accounts do not have memberships, so there might be additional arising issues with some settings use, but hopefully that won't become a big problem. In worst case scenario, I would ask some other member to create the tournament.

My next plans are:
  • Informing WUS participants individually about new upcoming tournaments.
  • Look for more interested players to join WUS.
  • Make 10 additional reviews which would rather focus on entertaining commentary rather then detailed analysis.
  • Review 3 more unique templates once appropriate 2nd phase games end.
  • Go through all my main posts and update information.
  • Make some preparation plans and find additional challengers for the 3rd phase. There's chance that some current participants might reach it.

If you want to join Warzone Ultimate Series, you can leave a comment in this thread or send me a private Warzone mail.
Warzone Ultimate Series: 7/24/2019 19:49:50

Phakh Gokhn 
Level 62
Warzone Ultimate Series July 24th Update

Latest developments in 2nd phase:
  • Samwise defeated koso and ADHDnl, but lost against schwarz and ended his run with 3 wins and 7 loses, which was just one win away from qualifying to 3rd phase.
  • Brian Jones lost to krunx, Lord Koros, georgie and Exiltibeter and currently has 4 loses and 0 wins.

Current amount of reserved positions in WUS 2nd season:
  • Eastern Warfare: 0
  • 4D Brawl: 2
  • Illogical Earth: 2
  • Neutrality: 1
  • Ultimate Linewar: 0

In last 48 hours I focused on making entertainment videos about some of WUS games in a style of esports commentator. Basically I didn’t go much indepth, but rather commented on action in games with high energy and enthusiasm, plus attempted to create a narrative for each game and tell some fictional stories about the background and consequences of each game. Here’s the list of all 10 entertainment reviews made:

I also made a summary video about Warzone Ultimate Series recently. It contains all the compacted information about WUS in one compacted video. It’s a good and quick way to learn all the important information about these series. Here are the links to the video:

My next plans for future:
  • Make 3-4 additional serious reviews
  • Update information on the main thread’s page
  • Create precise rules and format for 3rd phase
  • Look for skilled players interested in being team mates of WUS participants during 3rd phase
  • Look for more players interested in participating in WUS
Warzone Ultimate Series: 7/25/2019 06:17:28

High King Bubba 
Level 57
Reserved 4D brawl please
Warzone Ultimate Series: 7/25/2019 17:29:12

Level 61
i would like to play
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