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Local Deployment Auto Deploy: 2/5/2019 17:54:38

Level 57
Ok, I enjoy local deployment but towards the end of a game when a player controls the majority of a map it gets really tedious. Is there a way we could add an auto deploy setting where the computer will randomly deploy all local deployment armies. I understand this really only applies when someone decides to make you kill them instead of surrendering or on single player games. Just a thought.
Local Deployment Auto Deploy: 2/5/2019 17:56:17

Corn Man 
Level 61
or even better, auto deploy to the same place that you deployed in the last turn

I love local deploy too - but this is my main grip with it
Local Deployment Auto Deploy: 2/5/2019 18:05:27

Level 62
If you're a member, you could use autopilot to generate orders and remove all non-deployment orders - can select multiple orders using shift-click.
Local Deployment Auto Deploy: 2/5/2019 21:39:06

Level 60
If you are a member you can use my mod as well :)
It has auto-deploy and auto-orders based on your last turn.

As a treat, if you have a template/game you want me to make with it, post the game link and I gotchu.

[Members can make 1 modded game per week, which is free for nonmembers. ]

example game : https://www.warzone.com/MultiPlayer?GameID=17578495

Edited 2/5/2019 21:40:01
Posts 1 - 4 of 4