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Achievements - Spy Master: 12/20/2018 22:07:47

[NL] Goldtank 
Level 58
I tried to get the achievment 'Spy Master' twice today, both in the warzone client and UJS-Canvas.
Yet, I didn't recieve the achievment


* Spy on all opponents in the same turn
* You must have atleast four opponents
* You must play all the spy cards on the same turn
* and the game must have fogged territories

I tried to achieve this achievment in single player against 4 AI's (5 player match)

Does anyone know what the problem is?
Achievements - Spy Master: 12/20/2018 22:17:35

Level 59
I think most of the achievements can only be earned in ranked multiplayer.
Achievements - Spy Master: 12/20/2018 22:18:28

Level 62
All achievements are multiplayer only, unless spesificaly specified.
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