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Outlaws A vs M'Hunters: 1/13/2019 13:43:05

Level 58
@Bonsai: I looked over your Greece game but had nothing to say. Also I'm not THE M'Hunters leader but just a dude who likes to analyze games.

Bonsai wins against b000m on the old ladder template: https://www.warzone.com/MultiPlayer?GameID=17321486

- I don't find Bonsais picks out of the ordinary. I learned picking from Szeweningen and 1+2 America and the rest in Asia is something what the old guard would have probably also come up with. However Szeweningen would have most definitely swapped the picks in America and I also don't understand Bonsais thought process picking South America over Central America. As for Bonsais 6th pick, I'd like to challenge the thoughts of my clanmates always placing their 6th pick between their 4+5 as an auto choice.

a) You can get your 6th pick if you picked 1+2 differently from your opponent, and you check with your 3+4+5 your opponents picks (usually a tripple pick) and in this case it usually makes sense some sense to place it aggressive.

b) However you can also get our 6th pick if you picked similar to your opponent. In this case you lose one of your first 2 picks AND you get your pick number 3. What Bonsai didn't seem to recognize that here getting his 6th pick most likely would have meant him also getting West Russia. He would have ended up with no bonus at all to expand safely into while his opponent probably somewhat had Central America.

- As for b000ms picks, I added a section in my strategy guide titled "Thinking about picks the Norman way". There I gave general rules which immediately explain why Wet Africa + Central America in conjunction is a bad choice.

- b000ms 6th pick forms a combo with his number 3 which is a good option.

- AI stated in a previous post that it's quite out of the ordinary picking Central America with a certain warlords distribution. I don't really find that to be true. What is indeed find out of the ordinary however is picking a bonus which takes 3 turns to complete, as b000m did with East China.

- b000m then lost the game in the very end, where he just had to keep hammering Bonsai and for the card pieces move to Europe (less risky option than to complete China), until it's gg. Apparently b000m miscalculated Bonsais missing income however calculating the opponents income is harder than on straight round settings and it also requires more experience than the straight round "bean counting".

Edited 1/13/2019 13:47:19
Outlaws A vs M'Hunters: 1/14/2019 01:45:25

Level 60
"Since you are already M'Hunters biggest external fan, how about you just rejoin? Only relevant rule for you would be to no whistleblowing around, we still call them whistleblowers rats."

You got something against whistleblowers?
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