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Outlaws A vs M'Hunters: 12/20/2018 02:35:43

Level 62
Hello ladies and gentleman and non-binaries!

After Outlaws victory over GG , we've decided to challenge M'Hunters. It will be the same format as the Outlaws vs GG clan battle which will be for this specific battle: (Thanks to Norman for helping me organise)

* 9 Players on each clan
* 9 Match-ups
* 3 1v1 games
* Each 1v1 game is 1 point.
* 3 Templates (Greece, Old Ladder, China)
* Each team has seeded their players 1-9, Seed 1s play each.. 2s play each.. etc.
* 27 points available meaning a clan must acquire 14 points to win the battle.

These are the match-ups for this battle:

Odin vs AI
Njord vs Leopard
aoc vs RogueNK
Krzystof vs EmuPub
Platinum vs AJ Chiller
Bonsai vs b00m.
Lucien Muller vs Georgie
Facetroll vs AyanM
Stales78 vs NoName2.1

Post your predictions on who you think will win the clan battle or the individual battles (ideally both!)

Best of luck and let's have a good Clan Battle.

Edited 12/20/2018 02:37:11
Outlaws A vs M'Hunters: 12/20/2018 02:36:35

Level 62
Clan Battle Scoreboard:

1. Odin vs AI (0-0)

2. Njord vs Leopard (0-3)

3. aoc vs RogueNK (0-0)

4. Krzystof vs EmuPub (0-2)

5. Platinum vs AJ Chiller (0-0)

6. Bonsai vs b00m (0-0)

7. Lucien Muller vs Georgie (1-2)

8. Facetroll vs AyanM (0-0)

9. Stales78 vs NoName2.1 (2-1)

(First to 14 wins)
Outlaws A - 3
M'Hunters - 8

Edited 12/27/2018 19:43:07
Outlaws A vs M'Hunters: 12/20/2018 03:48:07

Emu Pub 
Level 65
Odin 1, AI 2 (If AI takes these seriously, he wins one easy, loses one to some dumb move, and wins a tight 3rd one)
Njord 1, Leopard 2 (Don't know much about njord, so this could be wrong, but I know leopard is excellent at a few templates)
Aoc 1, RNK 2 (RNK may win all 3, AOC is good, but RNK will be a tough out for anyone.)
Krzystof 2, EP 1 (Who seed me this high?) (I will lose one, that I am winning from making some drunk moves)
Plat 1, AJ 2 (See my note on Njord, this could be wrong, haven't played plat much)
Bonsai 1, b00m 2 (b00m is rusty from a long time off of WL, but he was excellent when he left.)
Lucien 0, Georgie 3 (Who seeded georgie this low??? Seriously, the dude is a beast. Ohhhh and Lucien is an arrogant $#%$# who is on my BL so he loses all 3 just cause I don't like him)
Facetroll 3, AyanM 0 (Who seeded Ayan so high? I mean seriously....have you read any of his poetry? That alone gives him 3 losses)
Stales 0, Noname 3 (Sorry stales, you are playing one the future stars of MH, he is still learning and you may take one from him, but i'm betting on all 3.)

Outlaws 10- MH 17

Okay realistically I say we win but not that much, 14-13 MH.
Outlaws A vs M'Hunters: 12/20/2018 04:09:57

Level 58
Who seeded georgie this low??? Seriously, the dude is a beast.

georgie was picky about his oppoents. He was actually supposed to play bonsai. Thinking about predictions, what are the chances of the chat between georgie and Lucien getting heated up?

Edited 12/20/2018 04:17:01
Outlaws A vs M'Hunters: 12/20/2018 04:59:38

Emu Pub 
Level 65
^ I think it should be good reading...
Outlaws A vs M'Hunters: 12/20/2018 05:05:37

Level 62
Who is B00M? He has only 28 MD games, so I'm assuming he's an Alt or something? If so, from who?
Outlaws A vs M'Hunters: 12/20/2018 05:51:20

Emu Pub 
Level 65
he was Neovim, but lost his account information from a long break.
Outlaws A vs M'Hunters: 12/20/2018 05:52:24

Level 62
Clan Histories..

Outlaws has finished 3rd in Clan League 10 and 9.
M'Hunters has finished 5th in Clan League 10 and won Division B in Clan League 9.

Head to head results of Outlaws vs M'Hunters in Clan League 10 were... (Based off memory, something will be wrong)

Guiroma - Outlaws
Greece - Outlaws
French Brawl - Outlaws
Pangea - M'Hunters
Elitist Africa - M'Hunters
Battle Islands - Outlaws

Volcano Island - M'Hunters
Szeurope - Outlaws
Final Earth - M'Hunters

Europe - Outlaws
Biomes - M'Hunters

Outlaws - 21
M'Hunters - 19
Outlaws A vs M'Hunters: 12/20/2018 06:32:51

Level 62
p.s I had a giggle making the Lucien Muller and Georgie games :D
Outlaws A vs M'Hunters: 12/20/2018 06:41:12

Level 62
Andddddddd the games are made! It's officially started.

Edited 12/20/2018 06:41:28
Outlaws A vs M'Hunters: 12/20/2018 08:37:21

Beep Beep I'm A Jeep 
Level 64
Predictions (biased):

Odin vs AI: 2-1 I'm usually drunk at that time of the year so should be an easy one for Odin. However, I will get my first pick in the China template (and no, I will not make my 1st pick in the +1 in the North) and easily win this.

Njord vs Leopard: 1-2 Tough matchup to predict, both players are highly underrated.

aoc vs RogueNK: 0-3 If Rogue cares about his games, he's a BEAST.

Krzystof vs EmuPub: 2-1 Meh, we put the bird against Krzystof.

Platinum vs AJ Chiller: 2-1 AJ has great potential, but there are some more things to learn. Plat has the advantage in experience here.

Bonsai vs b00m.: 2-1 b00m came back from retirement, give him some more time and it will be 0-3.

Lucien Muller vs Georgie: 1-2 georgie will swipe this, I'm happy he doesn't have to play Small Earth though ;-)

Facetroll vs AyanM: 2-1 Ayan will try hard to prove he's better than Emu, but lately he cares too much about poetries.

Stales78 vs NoName2.1: 1-2 NoName will prove himself worthy of playing in Division A next year.

Overall: Outlaws - MH: 13-14
Outlaws A vs M'Hunters: 12/20/2018 10:11:18

Level 58
However, I will get my first pick in the China template (and no, I will not make my 1st pick in the +1 in the North) and easily win this.

You just told me in the most brutal way that my template sucks :(

I hope you win 2-1 against Odin, get your first pick on the China template and lose the game.
Outlaws A vs M'Hunters: 12/20/2018 10:40:03

Beep Beep I'm A Jeep 
Level 64
Haha Norman, didn't know that was your template :D
Outlaws A vs M'Hunters: 12/20/2018 12:08:57

Level 61
my poetries are great.
Outlaws A vs M'Hunters: 12/20/2018 12:34:12

Level 63
Aw, georgie was scared of me.

It's clear that we don't really know your players and you don't really know ours, ha.
Outlaws A vs M'Hunters: 12/20/2018 12:48:11

Level 62
I think I've only ever played with AI...
Outlaws A vs M'Hunters: 12/20/2018 19:36:55

Level 62
First win goes to M'Hunters
Gj emu
Outlaws A vs M'Hunters: 12/21/2018 02:44:26

Level 62
Stales takes the first win for Outlaws.

Outlaws A 1-1 M'Hunters

I'll update the scores when all 3 games of a battle ends from now on.
Outlaws A vs M'Hunters: 12/21/2018 04:19:21

Level 58
Stales against NoName 2.1: https://www.warzone.com/MultiPlayer?GameID=17321537

NoName 2.1 apparently doesn't know about the old weighted random times. He goes up to pick 6, however that 6th pick in the East US is a pick nobody has every chosen back in the old days (if not for a combo or counter).

Mainly due to his bad bonus in East US and secondly due to his bad expansion in Antartica, he loses the game.

I like the fact that both players expected to split the first turn bonus and thus went for fast +3 bonuses as the remaining choices. In this sense I also like Stales pick 6 as a nice combo with Indonesia for expected early very aggressive play.

What I don't like from both players is the order in which they chose their 1+2. The reason is that I like to see WarLight as a pressure game. Here the pressure is clearly on the player in Greenland while the player in Scandinavian Peninsula can choose from a couple of options. If the player in Finland fails to take Svalbard or loses it, he also probably immediately loses the game.

At the first turn the player in Greenland has to take Svalbard already or risk the opponent hiting it turn 2. Meanwhile NoName 2.1 might have gone full force in Scandinavian Peninsula and depending on the luck factor he might now be able to just hammer him. But then of course No Name 2.1 might have just sit in Sweden laughing at his opponent killing neutrals in his bonus.

What I also find quite questionable is how NoName 2.1 planned to play the game out after picks. His opponent couldn't have expected him in East US so when he should have showed up there he should have showed up having the bonus already. Being at a bonus speed disadvantage at the start he should also have highly considered not moving in Scandinavian Peninsula.

Edited 12/21/2018 04:25:14
Outlaws A vs M'Hunters: 12/21/2018 05:27:58

Level 62
My Predictions:

1. Odin vs AI (2-1)
Odin had a great win against MIFRAN but AI is a strong player, this could go either way but I give the edge to Odin but wouldn't be surprised if it went the other way.

2. Njord vs Leopard (2-1)
Leopard is a strong player from the looks (on 1v1 ladder and 3v3 ladder template) but Njord managed to get #1 on the MDL which is a very strong achievement and has that experience on a different variation of templates than Leopard would have from the looks. So I go for a 2-1 for Njord, It's a great opportunity for Leopard to show off really.

3. aoc vs RogueNK (2-1)

Aoc had a convincing 3-0 thrasing of JV, RogueNK is a very good player who really focuses, can be a dangerous opponent. I haven't seen Rogue on any other template except French Brawl, while aoc has gotten around 1900 on MDL , Therefore I'm going to go with aoc here.

4. Krzystof vs Emu Pub (1-2)

With Emu Pub winning a game already, I'm already having him as the potential favourite. I would however expect Krzystof to win the Old Ladder game considering it's one of his favourite templates. It will be a decider between him and Emu Pub on China, I'm going to go ahead and Edge Emu Pub to win it.

5. Platinum vs AJ Chiller (2-1)

On paper, I seem to have more skill and experience but that can all be eroded if AJ Chiller try hards against me. I don't anything about how he plays and he doesn't know how I plaw except he has advantage of analysing me. This could give a weird result, however, I think I'm favourite for this one but I won't be surprised if it goes the other way.

6. Bonsai vs b00m (2-1)

Bonsai seems to have more on paper, I don't anything about B00m.. Bonsai managed to beat Linberson who's a very highly skilled player so for that reason I'm going to put my bet on Bonsai to edge it 2-1.

7. Lucien Muller vs Georgie (1-2)

This can go either way, both very interesting characters with different temperaments of playing. I'm going to go with Georgie because I get that instinct of something special with him. But I wouldn't be surprised at all if Lucien won this 3-0.

8. Facetroll vs AyanM (2-1)

On the competitive scene, Ayan hasn't been on the competitive scene lately from what I've seen , while Facetroll has on practically everything 1800 on MDL.. 2000 on 1v1... So logically, I give the Edge to Facetroll here.

9. Stales78 vs NoName2.1 (2-1)

Stales is a favourite on Greece for me but I also feel like NoName2.1 will pull a win on China. This mean it's 1-1 but Stales has the Old Ladder game won, So I'm going to conclude on a 2-1 win for Stales.

(First to 14 wins)
Outlaws A - 16
M'Hunters - 11

M'Hunters has that unknown factor about them, will it surprise us or not? I don't know we'll see.

Edited 12/21/2018 05:28:21
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