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Why my map looks like this?: 11/14/2018 13:56:34

Antonius I of SmoleĊ„sk
Level 50
1.Why,when I uploaded my map,the contours have become thinner? https://imgur.com/a/iZk5XNj
2.Why most of text is invisble? https://imgur.com/a/4VTrwvP
3.Why text has been changed? uploaded map: https://imgur.com/a/t91i9ek map in Inkscape: https://imgur.com/a/wZpIMUJ
Can I solve this problems?
Also I won't tell about what is my first map,it's the state secret ;)
Why my map looks like this?: 11/14/2018 14:21:57

Level 61
1) When you upload a map, warzone automatically sets all borders of object with an ID named #Territory_n to a fixed width.
2) When you add text through inkscape, you have to convert it to a stroke or path (can't remember which one). Objects of the text type will not show up by default
3) Not sure what you did with your text object, seeing it does actually get shown on the warzone editor now. What type of object is your text?
Why my map looks like this?: 11/14/2018 20:15:52

Level 60
To include text in your SVG file, please follow these steps:

Make the text using the text tool in Inkscape.
Arrange the text exactly as you want it.
Select the text.
Select Path -> Object to Path
After doing this, your text will behave as an object. If you need to modify what the text says, you must delete and re-create the object.

If you followed these steps but the text still is not showing up, please also verify that the text isn't overlapping any player-controllable territories, and that the text's color isn't the same as what's behind it. A common mistake is to make black text, and if you didn't change your Inkscape background to black as instructed above, it will appear in Inkscape but not when Warzone changes your background to black.

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