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1v1 Template Competition: 10/18/2018 19:41:27

Level 61

After the success of Szeweningen's Template Contest which gave us French Brawl, we* decided it's time for another template competition. The rules of the competition are fairly simple:
Make a template, test it, optimize it. After you're done and satisfied with it, post a gamelink of a finished game of said template. Please also give it a name.
If you want to post multiple templates, please do so.

Since making a template takes effort and time, the deadline will be 18-11-2018, a month from now.
The winning template will be played in the next WGL after the competition is finished.

We'll be giving out prize money too:
First place - 1,500 coins
Second place - 250 coins

The winner will be determined by an (anonymous) panel who votes on every template. Their votes and commentary will be accessible after the decision is announced. The scores will be announced on stream as well as on the thread.

So, get started and make a good template!
Good luck and have fun

*We includes me, Beren, MoD and Kicorse
1v1 Template Competition: 10/18/2018 23:11:25

Level 64
I have created a 1v1 diplomacy template called Buns vs Xeno

This template was inspired by a game I played against Buns on the seasonal ladder in season XXVII https://www.warzone.com/MultiPlayer?GameID=12699875

It is a very balanced diplomacy with gift diplomacy and sanction cards. The person who gets to play as me will win 95% of the time.
Game Rules:
-You must declare war in public chat before attacking
-You must wait a turn before attacking
-No ganging up on players

Here is an example game
1v1 Template Competition: 10/19/2018 03:51:39

Roi Joleil
Level 60
i win by default..
1v1 Template Competition: 10/19/2018 22:05:16

Level 62
A month? I decided to make one under an hour as inspired by this YouTube video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LtU4tjoIyeQ

This is what I've come up with..

Platum (Twist on Latin word for Position = Statum)


Edited 10/19/2018 22:07:08
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