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WGL #158 - Try 2 - 19th of august 2018: 8/19/2018 15:26:25

Level 61
Welcome to the WarGamingLive #158

Since I was ill yesterday, i couldn't host. But fear not; tonight we'll be back in action.

For those who are new to WGL, this was a weekly realtime tournament series hosted and livestreamed by experienced warlight players with in-depth analysis and commentary. Nowdays it's no longer weekly, it's whenever we bother. The broadcast (stream) is hosted on twitch.tv, chat participation is encouraged.

You can find earlier WGL streams at:

WGL #158 is happening this sunday, the 19th of August.

(1vs1) - Saturday, but sunday this time - 14:00 US/Central // 20:00 BST // 21:00 Continental Europe (GMT+2)
Which will be in approximately 3,5 hours from the time of this post.

Template: TBD. Feel free to suggest your template in this thread.

Tournament and livestream will be created half an hour before the scheduled start. Everyone is welcome to join. We encourage all - experienced players and newbies alike.

Livestream will be hosted at http://twitch.tv/xfarah93

Past hosts and commentators of WGL: Lolowut, Mythonian, Fizzer, Dunga, x, Hedja, Reza, Robespierre, Trollusa, Mian, kcscrag, Master Miyagi, TheWarlightMaster, Gui, Dom365, Fridge, Latnox, Pushover, Peixoto, Szeweningen, Gnuffone, Sephiroth, Beren, The Swimming Potato, Aura Guardian, Nackickwind, Jz, Prabster Realm, Gustave II, ps, master of desaster, Master of the Dead, Jefferspin, Timinator, Styxie, Master Farah, Super Smoove, MarkusBM, Glamorous, PanagiotisTheGreekFreak, Kezzo and many more!
WGL historic stylesheet:

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WGL #158 - Try 2 - 19th of august 2018: 8/19/2018 16:05:37

Level 59
Are you sure on the timing? 4.5h from post is 15:00 US Central as the post was made at 10:26 US Central.

The time conversions seem correct though so maybe you meant 3.5h?

Edited 8/19/2018 16:07:21
WGL #158 - Try 2 - 19th of august 2018: 8/19/2018 16:14:07

Level 61
I can math, thanks for correcting that.
WGL #158 - Try 2 - 19th of august 2018: 8/19/2018 18:22:08

Level 64
WGL #158 - Try 2 - 19th of august 2018: 8/19/2018 18:41:59

Level 61
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