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The Really Big Christmas Gift Scenario Event (yay): 2/26/2014 03:40:51

Level 54
Now, this one took so long to unwrap, we actually missed Christmas by 2 months! Smh! But without FURTHER adue, let the suspense end, OPEN SESAME STREET! ( I did what you see there )...
Notice : If you are particularly interested in a certain scenario, feel free to message me! I give out a brief description of each scenario, and who knows? Maybe you're thinking many people are interested in a certain scenario, in that case... Go ahead and ask right here in this very thread!

Classical Era Clashes!

Rise of Greece & Rome
This one is a little dicey scenario about the fall of Persia and the rise of Greece & Rome. Will these 2 empires rise to fruition? Or will barbarians and the Glorious Persians stop these powerful empires? ( Rome is technically a republic still... don't judge me! )

Fall of Rome
Experience the tremendous fall of the seemingly invincible Roman Empire! Play as West or East, a barbarian tribe, or even the Sassanid Dynasty of the Persian Empire!

Birth of Empires ( a Fertile Crescent related Scenario )
This scenario focuses on the birth of the Hittite, Egyptian, Persian, Greek, and Sumerian cultures as well as the dawn of the many mesopotamian city-states.

Blood & Bronze
This is a fun, hectic scenario that is in no way historical. It can be played in any way as seen fit, though it does have potential for a normal strategic gameplay.

Rome's First Steps
This is a very unfair scenario. Few players would probably agree to playing this under the more terrible roles, but I made this scenario a bit more cruder than I usually do. If you are even going to try this one, I'd recommend you tweak it a little if you don't want dissatisfied players.

That is all for the Classical Era! Up next, an interstellar series I worked on for a while! It proved very well in the testing environment, though as the scenarios got more complex it became a bit less popular when on public display and eventually only the original was a true hit.

The Serpentus Solar System

Serpentus Civil War
This scenario is one that I consider to be a top 4 out of the whole enchilada. It was the first scenario I made that featured the idea of one central power with a few ideals scrambling for allies to fight the central power and each other, with the central power - whatever, just look through the scenario....

Rise of the Empire
Similar to " Rome's First Steps ", with many established powers and a new power just trying to make its mark. This one was lightly tested, so you will likely encounter a few major flaws playing it in this unrefined condition.

The 2nd Serpentus Civil War
With an empire in shambles, what's left of it divides into a Duchy and 2 Republics. I am not sure if this one was even tested at all to tell you the truth, however, looking back at it, it really does seem like a sad carbon-copy of the original Civil War scenario. Though others will probably have a different perspective on the subject.

Imperial Invasions
This one was one of the better and simpler uses of the " Victory Point " system. The Uberon Empire has begun to invade other cultures, will you oppose or support their efforts?

The Ubers' Conquest of Rylos
This was an older script for the Serpentus story, and as such it does not follow the normal storyline. Here, the Ubers take all of Coruscant, but they lose all control over Tuchanka and Rylos. As such, new political entities have arisen from the ashes of the recent Imperial abandonment. A sub-par use of Victory Points, it is recommended to not play with the system unless you are hardcore about roleplay.

Serpentus' 3 Kingdoms
The last segment to a " franchise " already a bit deglorified, Serpentus' 3 Kingdoms focuses on Serpentus entering a new golden age. In the midst of glory, a robot revolution begins. It's a bit disgusting in use with the VP system, so it is highly recommended that you play it as a normal diplomacy with robot barbarian tribes at war with royal kingdoms or something.

Next batch is up, CHIIIILDREN! It's G Dawg, bow-wow! Bethesda, if you are reading this, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEEEEEASE DON'T SUE ME!!!!

Alternate Timelines
Ever wondered " Hey, what would happen if aliens invaded Earth full-scale? " or...
" What if Climate Change caused tremendous flooding in the Americas?
Well, wonder no more! MC G here has made your wildest dreams come true! Well, I guess they're not really dreams, more like the nightmares you have when you're 6 years old.. or your dreams.. or the nightmares.. I'll just show you the templates now...

Fall of America
This is very unrealistic, but I admit I was " experimenting " with jet at the time, but I swear this scenario was really real when I made it! Basically, America declares war on the Syrian Government, PRC and RU get super angry and declare war, Spain and France start conquistadoring in the Caribbean and even America, UK is all " Uhhh, old rivalries much? " and gets some power in the area too. Then Canada is like " Eh, don't leave us oot from this mess, eh? " and all the while hippies in the USA are violently protesting against the American government. Yeah, it's pretty flipping crazy.

World War Z
Based on the scenario based on the movie based on the book based on dawn of the dead based on old Haitian voodoo belief, this one is about the toppling of governments and a show of humanity's true instincts in a violent clash for survival! I hope that made sense, because I was pulling off some instinct there myself!

Alien Invasion
In the year 2053, 75 years after a very strange radio broadcast over the Uk, the world has completed a project of demilitarization( it should be noted Germany was like " Nah, we keep zee gahns >:D " ). However, seemingly hours after the project was announced finished, sighting of violent aliens were reported. Can human kind build an army fast enough to combat the E.T. menace?

Post-Flood America
Basically, America had a flood, all order kind of went to ( inappropriate language and/or concept ), and now we're here! Play as Mexico, an insurgent group, or what remains of a governmental structure.

A Few Odds & Ends
These are series of scenarios that were less than 4 in number. I guess these were the real odds in the bunch, not fitting in in any scenario brand really. They seemed pretty good whenever they were played, with quite a few hectic political scenarios. So, go explore them for yourself! I'm sorry if that sounded a little ( inappropriate language and/or concept )....

Drakemor: The First War
On that one Drakemor map made by Smok, I originally had quite a few scenarios based on it. This is one such product, the rest, however, were too unrefined to really show as they were there really to help me learn the ropes of scenario-making. It's a little weird that this one somehow stood out from the bunch, though. Enjoy!

European Colonization of the Americas
America : be there, or be square!

Kingdoms of Westeros
May your conquests be filled with loot, great king! I'd recommend going CRAZY with roleplay cuztomizing your nation in this GoT - based scenario!

Last Days of Mayan Civilization
I wouldn't recommend playing this template without slightly tweaking it, for it has run terribly so far throughout testing. I have no idea how I even worked up the courage to even put this one on display.

Fall of Muhaddia
The Roman Empire wasn't the first. For long buried in the sands of time, an even more ancient superculture surfaced in the Middle East, and that superculture was the Muhaddian Empire! Play as a neighboring kingdom, one of the thirds of Muhaddia, or a usurper Barbarian tribe.

Coming up next : Medieval Mayhem and WW2!
---- Stay tuned, chi-ildren! ----

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The Really Big Christmas Gift Scenario Event (yay): 2/27/2014 01:01:20

Level 54
huh... I guess I thought this would catch on faster... well if the other scenarios don't come out tonight, they'll be put on display tomorrow.

----- MC G
The Really Big Christmas Gift Scenario Event (yay): 2/27/2014 01:03:44

Level 54
I like them, but I'm waiting on the next batch especially.

Coming up next : Alternate Timeline,

I hope this means WWII?
The Really Big Christmas Gift Scenario Event (yay): 2/27/2014 01:09:17

Level 54
Alternate Timelines focuses on the Present. It's a category for events such as Alien Invasion, Zombiepocalypse, America crashing down, etc. It also focuses on fictional events up to 5 centuries in the future. This includes fictional floodings, revolutions, civil wars, and even a Revolution-like scenario. WW2 actually has its own scenario batch ( which will come after the upcoming one, along with Mid-Evil Mayhem ).
The Really Big Christmas Gift Scenario Event (yay): 2/27/2014 02:53:51

Level 61
These are pretty cool templates, I might have to try them out!
The Really Big Christmas Gift Scenario Event (yay): 2/27/2014 02:57:54

{rp} Clavicus Vile 
Level 55
Great Christmas Present, Genghis!
The Really Big Christmas Gift Scenario Event (yay): 2/27/2014 03:00:08

Level 54
Working on getting the new batch to the list right now!
The Really Big Christmas Gift Scenario Event (yay): 2/27/2014 03:34:55

Level 31
there great! maybe... the thing is i cant look at it because i don't have custom scenario...
The Really Big Christmas Gift Scenario Event (yay): 2/27/2014 03:36:42

Level 54
Here's a very cool hint/tip : take the scenario link and instead of Multi, type in SinglePlayer. Hrrrmmmmm ?
The Really Big Christmas Gift Scenario Event (yay): 2/28/2014 00:02:13

Level 54
So, before I get to the next batch, does anybody have any opinions about the templates that they think should be declared here in the forum? I want to see my supporters' thoughts... kind of like a Mongolian Stalin or something :D
The Really Big Christmas Gift Scenario Event (yay): 2/28/2014 19:29:08

Level 50
Thanks for using my map ;-)
And if you need any more ideas, here's my attempt at a Mongol Invasions template, maybe you could improve it if you want to :-)
Here's an overly simplified and slightly anachronistic map of the world just before Genghis Khan. Mongolia starts with a lot of armies.

A: Mongol Empire - Pagan
B: Tibetan Empire - Buddhist
C: Ghurid Sultanate - Sunni
D: Chola Empire - Hindu
E: Khmer Empire - Hindu
F: Song Dynasty - Buddhist
G: Jin Dynasty - Buddhist
H: Japan Empire - Buddhist
I: Khwarezmian Shahdom - Shi'ite (historically Sunni but I made it Shi'ite just for this scenario)
J: Kipchak Tribe - Pagan
K: Republic of Novgorod - Orthodox
L: Byzantine Empire - Orthodox
M: Kingdom of Hungary - Catholic
N: Kingdom of Poland - Catholic
O: Holy Roman Empire - Catholic
P: Kingdom of France - Catholic
Q: Ayyubid Sultanate - Sunni
R: Srivijaya Empire - Buddhist
S: Kingdom of Sweden - Catholic
T: Kingdom of Denmark - Catholic
U: Papal State - Catholic
V: Almohad Caliphate - Sunni
W: Kingdom of Castille - Catholic
X: Kingdom of England - Catholic

Additional rules:
Before declaring war at a nation with the same religion, you must wait two turns.

Before declaring war at a nation with a different religion, you must wait one turn.

Catholic nations must obey the Pope. Disobeying the Pope can result in excommunication, which means it is to be treated as a heretic (wait only one turn before declaring). The Pope can revoke excommunication as well.

The Pope can start a crusade, basically he commands a province in the hands of heretics to be liberated by a Catholic. Nothing crazy like Tokyo though, stick with a place controlled by a nation that borders a Catholic nation. If the province is still not "liberated" after ten turns, the Pope can call off the Crusade.

After excommunication, the Pope has to wait ten turns before he can do it again.

When a crusade ends, the Pope has to wait ten turns before start a new one.

The Mongol Empire starts basically at war with everyone. The one-turn-warning rule only applies if it made peace or an alliance in public chat.

The land behind the 1000-army wastelands is forbidden, you are not allowed to break through the wall.
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