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Casual mindsets Vs Competitive mindsets: 8/7/2018 04:06:28

Level 58
Warzone players have different mindsets going into the game. Casual warzone players play for fun, but at the same time they do not seem to mind if they lose or win. Casual players are often very autopick friendly, and may seem to favor larger maps, and quicker paced games.

Competitive players, conversely, tend to prefer more 1v1s and strategic maps. They are more ladder friendly, and might seek out high-skill games while casual players often don't care who they are fighting. They often prefer manual picks over auto, and warlords distribution over full.

A competitive player generally cares more about winning than a casual player, but they will still usually be a good sport if they lose and say gg to the opponent. Sometimes this isn't the case, but if a player is taking the time to actually improve their skills, this is pretty telling that they want to minimize their loses and win more games.

But of course, I'm making generalizations here, and most people probably fall somewhere in the middle of all this.

Do you as a player care about winning or losing, or does it not matter to you? Do you enjoy playing more casual settings, or strategic settings? Where do you fall in all this? Personally I consider myself casual-competitive. I hate losing and took the time to become a "decent" player, and I prefer RoR and strat templates over all other templates, so I'm sort of a mix of both of these stereotypical mindsets.

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Casual mindsets Vs Competitive mindsets: 8/7/2018 04:14:10

[FCC] Aura Guardian 
Level 61
I have a ninja mindset. Does that work?
Casual mindsets Vs Competitive mindsets: 8/7/2018 04:16:18

Level 58
Casual mindsets Vs Competitive mindsets: 8/7/2018 13:40:41

Toua Tokuchi
Level 54
Din't you retire?
Casual mindsets Vs Competitive mindsets: 8/7/2018 13:48:57

Level 58
Casual mindsets Vs Competitive mindsets: 8/7/2018 14:05:58

Level 56
"They often prefer manual picks over auto, and warlords distribution over full. "

Just to clarify - random warlords, not static. Static warlords has the same flaws as full distribution where it devolves into rock paper scissors after enough games.

Me personally, I don't care much about "winning". I do however care about playing well. That is to say, I do consider myself competitive, but for example, I wouldn't try to avoid good opponents to pad my winrate, etc.
Casual mindsets Vs Competitive mindsets: 8/17/2018 18:55:34

Gus squared 
Level 60
I am not sure the OP, when talking about "competitive players", is actually referring to competitive players, or just players who like to pad their stats. I think the the comments about "competitive players" " prefer manual picks over auto, and warlords distribution over full " is a real tell.

I am a competitive player but I prefer random teams and auto-distro in all of my games (well maybe not when I play Biomes). Why? Because I am looking for a competitive game, rather than a game that maximizes my chances of winning.

What is a competitive game? A game which is a challenge, a game whose outcome is not preordained at the start. A game, where if I make the right choices, I will win, and if I make the wrong choices, I will lose. A game where every player, every team, has a reasonably equal chance of winning. If that is the criteria, then random teams and auto-dist are effective ways of creating a level playing field, where every player has a reasonable chance of winning.

On the other hand, there are players who are interested in padding their stats. These players, it seems, like to host the same template all the time, with manual teams with Team A usually filled with their friends, and with manual picks. As these players know each other, they usually know how to pick starts in a complimentary way to maximize map coverage, income denial, and growth. Then they wait for 3 unsuspecting players to wander into their game, who they promptly beat. No surprise as Team B likely has never played together before, likely won't pick in a complimentary manner, and likely will include one more more inexperienced players.

I don't think players hosting these games should be called "competitive". These games certainly are not competitive -- an experienced cadre against effectively 3 noobs, what's the challenge there? To me this seems "anti-competitive".

When I see games hosted by " "competitive" " players with Team A stacked, I steer clear, although I know I am more than capable of winning those games if I bring along my team of experienced players. I've got 8 tourney 1st places on my profile to prove it, and oddly enough, I have only played the OP in these tourneys, and in all 3 games, my team of experienced players beat the OP's team.


p.s. I suppose that if you are looking for a single game fair competition, manual picks are required (not sure about random-warlord). But if you are going to play more than one game, random picks are perfectly fine. Yes there will be games where you are unlucky with your starts and can't win. But the luck balances out, and on average, everyone's starting spots will be the same over the long run.

I am a competitive player, I prefer auto-dist and random teams.


p.p.s. I think the ladders are a great way to test yourself against players of similar skill level, and a great way to rank your skill at a particular template against others. I still prefer auto-picks, but the ladder requires manual picks.

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