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Half-Marathon: 7/18/2018 16:13:12

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Anyone got any experience or tales of running half/ full marathons?

I've be thinking about entering a Half-Marathon , I don't run ever but thought it might be a laugh and how hard can it be. Obviously I'd put in a bit of training in before. Thoughts? Am I being retarded?
Half-Marathon: 7/18/2018 16:29:08

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I am running both, but marathons I only did twice.
If you are not fat or something, you can run a half-marathon in 3 hours without any training. However, that can not be the goal. With some training you can make it to 2 hours in like 12-16 weeks. But such a training schedule is pretty hard.

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Half-Marathon: 7/18/2018 17:00:16

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I watched a half-marathon of cyber 8 videos once
Half-Marathon: 7/19/2018 04:24:01

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you don't need a marathon to prove that you aren't a retard ... jokes aside, it's perfectly doable, people walk through the whole journey with ease when i was running, but practices would make it easier, on the worst scenario you can leave the track halfway lol

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Half-Marathon: 7/19/2018 07:24:49

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Half marathons are awesome and very do able if you are even remotely in decent shape. I would definitely suggest training about 4 months beforehand regardless of your fitness level. This way you will prevent injury from over stressing joints too quickly. I've done a couple and my favorite ones were my first and then my only train run. The trail run was a completely different beast and whooped my butt after mile 3.
There are plenty of free regimens on the inter webs that can better prepare you for them. I'd suggest not over killing it and mix up your routines. Don't just go running. Run different lengths and intensities about 3x a week and bike/swim another day. Incorporate lunges, squats, ab workouts, and StairMasters if you can. With just a little work, 2 hrs is definitely reachable.

Have fun!

(Definitely run uphill as much as you can! This sucked when I was on mile 11 on my first half in Hawaii and I had to ascend Diamond Head mountain. Also if you really care about time, practice drinking water quickly whilst running. I lost a decent amount of time when I had to stop at the pit stops)
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