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Warlight: the book: 5/31/2018 00:42:27

Level 58
I'd like to congratulate Mercer on his best-seller about the struggle to get Fizzer and the userbase to agree to the name change: https://www.amazon.com/Warlight-novel-Michael-Ondaatje/dp/0525521194

Pretty cool to see the rest of the world find out about this game through a book.
Warlight: the book: 5/31/2018 01:04:47

Level 53
we shall meme this book into being warlight's official bible
Warlight: the book: 5/31/2018 10:10:00

Belgian Gentleman 
Level 56
I like how it says that it is a "national bestseller" while it just came out this month
Warlight: the book: 6/21/2018 20:57:09

Le Count H 
Level 57
kynte: lmao
Warlight: the book: 6/22/2018 18:26:48

Level 47
Le Count H: lmfao
Warlight: the book: 6/25/2018 03:36:39

The Furious Logan
Level 12
eh ive never read it before however its just a matter for time till someone makes a book called warzone and then fizzer will have to come up with a new name like warscreen
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