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Styxhexenhammer's afterlife: 4/27/2018 14:47:38

Level 48
Styx posits that upon death the self-awareness mechanism i.e. the mind is reborn in a different dimension. There are an infinite number of dimensions; one for every possible physical and abstract outcome. Upon death the self-awareness mechanism, stripped of time-perception, seems to begin its new existence immediately though hundreds or billions of years have elapsed.

The very idea of an individual transcends any of its physical or mental particulars. So the idea can inhabit different forms so long as there is an endless possibility of forms that can exist. Endless forms means there are forms which call for the individual's self-awareness to inhabit that particular dimension.

This is contrasted from the Christian conception of the afterlife as a higher and eternal existence in one particular form after the physical form has expired. I think Styx's idea of the afterlife is approaching something more true than the Christian idea of Heaven. We can only imagine forms being physical and abstract; even Heaven is envisioned as a sort of new dimension with different laws. But the metaphysical source would still have to govern the Heavenly dimension; would not minds and souls blink into and out of this dimension as in this one?
Styxhexenhammer's afterlife: 4/27/2018 15:34:58

Level 59
Never knew TheRiverStyxie was this metaphysical.
Styxhexenhammer's afterlife: 5/13/2018 21:29:43

Level 58
Styxie has a lot of explaining to do
Styxhexenhammer's afterlife: 6/1/2018 00:57:40

Level 44
Seraph why did you blacklist me

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