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Armies stay in territories: 4/24/2018 17:27:40

Level 58
I'm sorry for my English, I don't speak very well.
I have a question when we create a new game.
When I play on a map and I transfer my armies, there is no army left in the territory from which I moved my present army.
In general, there remains 1 army in the territory that one leaves to go on another, you understand?
I would like there to remain 1 army in each territory that we own. Is it possible to change this in the settings?
I hope you will understand me.
Armies stay in territories: 4/24/2018 17:30:36

Level 57
yes, you can change this in the settings. also, this thread should be in "help".

Edited 4/24/2018 17:31:09
Armies stay in territories: 4/24/2018 17:36:12

[REGL] Pooh 
Level 62
Its called 'one army must stand guard' with a yes/no setting.

Armies stay in territories: 4/24/2018 17:38:59

Level 59
In the settings, you will have to enable the "One Army Must Stand Guard" setting.

In the Flash client, it's the second checkbox under Armies:

In Unity, you have to click "Change Army Settings" (also under Armies):

Then scroll down a bit, past the move order and before the base army settings. You will find 3 checkboxes buried in that region,
one of which is the One Army Must Stand Guard setting:

To have 1 army stay in its territory of origin, make sure that box is checked. To have settings the way they are now, leave it unchecked.

Hope that helps!

Edited 4/24/2018 17:39:51
Armies stay in territories: 4/24/2018 18:07:35

Level 58
Thank you very much :D
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