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game with most armies ever: 4/8/2018 05:26:02

Ryan Doherty 
Level 61
90,000 armies... have you played a game with more?

game with most armies ever: 4/8/2018 19:35:49

Level 60
Yes, using several negative sanctions you can hit the integer(?) cap actually. At which point you can't deploy, thus not commit and you loose the game. (This was a while ago, so things might have changed.)

I don't recommend trying it, as getting a boot is not fun.

Edited 4/8/2018 19:36:45
game with most armies ever: 4/8/2018 20:46:01

Level 62
There is a game that has so much armies that you can't load it successfully (an error message will appear saying that there are too many armies). Can't remember the game link. Will edit it in later.
game with most armies ever: 4/8/2018 23:06:52

Clint Eastwood
Level 59
I wanted to see how high I could go a couple years ago, so I used high bonuses, reinforcements, negative sanctions, etc. I got as high as, I believe, 7.1 billion armies (I believe, don't quote me on that--it's been forever. All I know is it was in the billions) before I experienced the symptoms TBest described and I got booted.

In a normal game setting, a few months ago one of my allies in a diplo accumulated 1.2 million armies just by expanding and not fighting people.

Edited 4/8/2018 23:08:01
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