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Sanction Cards: 2/17/2018 12:42:22

Laura The Loved One
Level 56

I want to have a confirmation about Sanction Cards.

If my opponent has 6 armies income and I use 2 Sanction Cards (which are set in the game as 10% decrease of army income), by calculations if added the opponent will have 5 armies when the 2 Sanction Cards are set in motion.

Is that true? In what other way do Sanction Cards work?
Sanction Cards: 2/17/2018 13:25:44

Roi Joleil
Level 60
I give an easier example then 10%. if you play 2 sanction cards wich are set on 50% and the enemie has 100 income it will get smaller twice by half. 50% and 50% arent added to 100% so the enemie wont lose all of his income. so basicly:

enemie income: 100 income
after the first sanction: 50 income
after the second sanction: 25 income

but sanction card can also add units when its set to -(number) for example -50%. then it will add units.

you have 100 income
after the -50% sanction card you have 150 income.
Sanction Cards: 2/18/2018 03:21:10

Level 60
Regardless of if second sanction is calculated from rounded value or not, after using 2 sanction cards like you described his income should be 4.
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