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BOM#2 How to convert your coins into candy!: 2/8/2018 16:01:42

Level 62
Sadly Titos PC crashed and all his beautiful wz files are gone. Thus we have to do with a simple forum post.
Open this youtube link and let it run in the background while reading, please.
Its very important for the mood!

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Hi Krzychu, how are you?
We want to talk to you about your success in coin games.
So how many coin seasons have you won?

I guess about 10-15, but I am not quite sure.

Do you know who is second?

Surely NoMercy, and i wouldn't be surprised if he won more than me.

What’s your motivation? That’s quite some effort you put in.

Nothing in particular. At the beginning I was curious if i can reach 7500 coins to be able to withdraw. And as it turns out I can reach even more. Since I would be playing warlight anyway most of the coin templates were fine for me, so why not win a few coins while playing. ;)

You talked about cutting your losses. At what point do you recommend to do this?

There is no strict border. As in the previous question - I play warlight, so why not win some coins doing it. But on the other hand - if I lose there is no point in losing not only games but also coins so in this case I should opt to play normal games.
The only way to cut losses is to cease playing (keep in mind that it was hidden who sits in coin game until they started), but that also means you don't have a chance to win more coins. When I was winning i would play games one after another, when I was losing like 3 out of 4 I tend to play less, but it depends on many conditions.
I guess that it looks differently if you play with a specified goal in your mind (like winning enough coins to buy color/membership etc) but in such case I can't give any better advice than 'play better than your opponents'. :P

How much was your initial investment?

Nothing. I started with the 100 free coins from Fizzer (at that time all players got 100 coins after level 15, I think it's not true anymore)

Luckily I didn't get a tough opponent in my 1st game as it's likely I would be reluctant to buying coins.

Have you withdrawn any money?

Yes, I can't tell the exact amount, but about 20-25k. But take in mind that besides Fizzer taking 200 coins per withdrawal(which is negligible here) Paypal take about 4% per transaction and IRS took 30% from some of the withdrawals.

Who is your nemesis(worst enemy)?

I wouldn't call anyone a nemesis. There were many good players through the seasons, some of them clearly better than me, but I can't name a specific one.

If you have withdrawn money, what did you spend it on?

Japanese do it yourself candy kit -I bought it as a gift! ;)

Have you had any experience with playing for money? Eg, poker, betting, etc.

I buy lottery coupons from time to time even if I know it's rightly called stupidity tax. And occasionally I bet on big sport events (like World Cup, Euro or Champions League finals) when I want to watch the game, but it's indifferent to me who wins it - so, just to spice things up.
There was a short period when I bet more regularly, but it was in high school, stakes were ridiculously low and it was more for bragging about wins than money.

What kinds of templates have played? Did you limit the amount, vetoes, favorites?

For the most time there weren't many options available as the custom templates weren’t introduced until quite recently.

I avoided small earth (with occasional exceptions for commander variant) - games could drag on way too long for me, and in short time it was full of people who mastered the template and I didn't stand a chance against them.
I like and I played every other of the standard templates(MME, MME+commander, turkey and RoR). I would say the commander MME is the favourite (RoR is too much about guessing opponent's pick).

Is it true that in the end your name is Christoph, and you simply want to confuse all non-polish players?

Nope, Krzysztof is in fact Polish equivalent to English "Christopher", but as I was born in Poland i'm Krzysztof, not Christopher. But I have an alt account called "Grzegorz Brzęczyszczykiewicz" and you could say it's called that way to confuse non-polish players ;)

What’s the advice you can give to new coin players?

In fact there's nothing much to say, especially about strategies. Just sit and wait for games and do a break once in a while. Also when someone better than you becomes active just step out when losses became unacceptable. That's the whole strategy. =P

Thanks for your time!
Yummy! =P

Berlin Open will happen from 16th-18th February, in yes you probably guessed that already, Berlin.
Its the place to be for all awesome WZ players!

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BOM#2 How to convert your coins into candy!: 2/8/2018 16:02:58

Level 62
BOM#2 How to convert your coins into candy!: 2/8/2018 19:22:21

Level 59
BOM#2 How to convert your coins into candy!: 2/9/2018 13:14:21

Level 59
Nice :)
BOM#2 How to convert your coins into candy!: 2/21/2018 04:04:06

Level 55
I adored reading this, great job and thx!

I know the Berlin Open has finished, but please don't stop this, and make some more new interesting interviews and other stuffs which you did before the BO.
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