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Update 4.01.1: 12/6/2017 04:50:51

Level 63

Warzone Creator
Hello all,

Thanks for everyone who sent feedback, please keep it coming!

I just deployed an update, v4.01.1, which fixes some things and hopefully also speeds up the WebGL client.

Just like the other Seeking Feedback threads, I'm looking to hear everyone's feedback on the new version or anything related the game at all! Please submit bug reports here: http://warzone.com/ReportBug

Here's what's new:

- Switched to the non-WebAsembly version of the WebGL client by default, since it seems to run faster, even if it loads slower. If you were having slowdowns with WebGL, can you try again now and let me know if it's better, worse, or the same?
- Removed green background behind forum.
- Added version number of the app to Help menu.
- Fixed wrapping on forum page so it doesn't overflow the green box.
- Fixed a bug that allowed Rematch to make a game that didn't auto-start. Thanks to petersrule for reporting this.
- Fixed a bug that could cause an error if you double-tapped the Load Template button. Thanks to Rogz for reporting this.
- Fixed a bug that sometimes made Chat appear underneath Players. Thanks to Muli for reporting this.
- When inviting players to a game, long names are now truncated so they don't appear super small.

This update is for standalone + website only, mobile devices will skip this one.

What's next?

- Bug fixes remain the highest priority
- After that, I need to get an iOS update out to make the iPhone X render correctly, a few minor bug fixes, and to get the latest features in such as the ability to turn off coin wheel, help menu, etc.
- New graphics voting is underway. I will soon tally the votes and narrow down finalists.
Update 4.01.1: 12/6/2017 05:05:23

Level 63

Warzone Creator
Responses from the previous thread:

The bug report page asks for the Unity version.

Good catch. I added this into the Help menu.

This goes wrong when hovering over points earned in a tournament (it seems like it wants to display all participant's names or so).

It sounds like the tooltip doesn't work well when it gets too long. I assume it was a large tournament?

Rating doesn't show up for any unranked player, even if they do have a nonzero/unexpired rating

It only shows rating if they have a rank. It's intentional.

The banners for ios seems to be a bit slow? Mine just showed up 15 min after the turn advanced

You're talking about the push notifications? If you see it again, let me know the game link, which turn number the notification was for, and how late it was. I can look at the log and try to figure out what went wrong.

can the community events on the dashboard be full listed?

There's still 10, it pushes the top section longer than I like when expanded. Also I imagine there will probably be more in the future, so I'm not sure it's a good idea.

3v3 ladder table grows outside the limits

I will work on that, thanks!
Update 4.01.1: 12/6/2017 09:59:52

Level 67

The banners for ios seems to be a bit slow? Mine just showed up 15 min after the turn advanced

Assuming it's about push notifications - i noticed it too, but in multi-day games so ignored it ;P Happened two or three times(out of many), also not iOS, but android.

Edited 12/6/2017 10:00:23
Update 4.01.1: 12/6/2017 11:54:18

Level 65
On android app chat menu has today moved from center a bit to right, and when I open chat I do not see right side of text (go outside of screen). Was good before.
Update 4.01.1: 12/6/2017 12:46:00

Timinator • apex 
Level 66

3v3 ladder table grows outside the limits

I will work on that, thanks!

so you oversaw this?
Update 4.01.1: 12/6/2017 16:27:52

Level 56
Could there be an option for "group-chat" where you can open a chat-window ingame with selected players?
My dashboard is some kind of crowding with "chat-games" that are only there for a chat between a special group of players from RP-Games (small council of Westeros for example).
For I do not know the way warzone is coded I have no idea how hard this would be so sry if I ask for a too hard thing.


Update 4.01.1: 12/6/2017 17:00:52

Level 61
regarding the community events, the list hasn't increased much on the last 6? 9? months since it's been created, i doubt it'll get much bigger then what it currently is. we could revert back to a collapsable list if it ever comes to that, or figure out a better solution (like it's own page in the website or highlight in the forums, i don't know, just thinking).

Edited 12/6/2017 17:01:53
Update 4.01.1: 12/6/2017 17:16:10

Level 57
gmail always filters the emails of warzone out(warlight emails haven't been filtered out) and puts them in the spam folder. Outlook also doesn't like the warzone emails and changes all links to https://eur01.safelinks.protection.outlook.com/?url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.Warzone.com%2FDiscussion%2F%3FID%3D288995&data=02%7C01%7C%7Cb5af9c93adcf4167276a08d53cba0176%7C84df9e7fe9f640afb435aaaaaaaaaaaa%7C1%7C0%7C636481691934940963&sdata=XzAbwwY2gtcGkRF7thl9RkqTUJpeenhLIFtKrEcnDOY%3D&reserved=0 (warlight emails had normal links and all other email I got).
I changed my gmail spawn settings now that warzone mails don't get filtered out but it's just a solution for me. I don't know how you manged to not get filtered out before, maybe it just takes time till they will recogince them as no spam and don't change the links.
Update 4.01.1: 12/6/2017 17:16:25

#Master [QB] 
Level 62
I have a general suggestion rather than a bug report:

I think the “Store“ on android app is really bad designed, for a new player who just downloaded the app I do not think anything about it is attractive for him. Why would you pay 25€ to buy a color?
You should also highlight the option for a membership (add free games, mods.....) but also the possibility to create a clan with coins. I am sure more people would buy in game purchases in this case.

Edited 12/6/2017 21:48:12
Update 4.01.1: 12/6/2017 18:22:03

Level 60
Could you please move the "full settings" button to the top? Every time I want to check a setting, i have to drag the scroll bar, scroll down and click the full settings button.

These 2 extra actions are annoying, but let's at least reduce the annoyance to 1 click only.
Update 4.01.1: 12/6/2017 18:32:45

Level 63
Speaking of the store on mobile...

Smoky black is $99.99 or 9,900 wz coins, but you can buy 10,000 wz coins for $94.99 and save $5.

IMO non membership purchases should just be wz coins only. It would encourage more folks to spend money. Remember when the Xbox360 and the Wii (and DSi) used 'points' instead of actual money? There was no way to simply add the exactly amount of points to your digital wallet to buy the game you wanted, so customers ended up with leftover points. (I think I have a couple Wii-bucks floating around somewhere.)

The other four colors cost 1,400 wz coins, that fits in-between the purchasable options of 1,000 and 2,500 wz coins. If a customer has 0 wz coins and only wants one color they have to buy either the 2,500 wz coin pack, or both the 1,000 and 500 wz coin packs. Either way they end up with extra wz coins "going to waste." This easily leads to repeat customers since they will most likely spend more money on wz coins to make another purchase. Now with coin betting and the coin wheel, they don't 'have' to spend more money, but there will always be the option.

Maybe It's because I'm a member, but I only see the option to buy colors in the app, not the memberships, name changes, or the mega maps and mega strategy packs which lead to my next point.

Both of the 'mega packs' could use some rethinking. They're both 1,499 wz coins (which is inconsistent with the colors pricing with not having the '99',) and both don't seem to appeal to new players. Obviously I cannot generalize every new player, but most new players that really get into the game will want what the packs offer, and they might purchase them before realizing how easy it is to level up and earn those rewards. With the new app having the Store tab right on the main page, it's more noticeable to new players, and I'm afraid of players purchasing the packs and then getting angry over 'wasting money.' Most games with a level progression system that can be skipped with real money take more time toget everything that Warzone. I believe players (especially on mobile) are used to the idea that the $14-ish they'll spend will really save them alot of time. I don't really have an easy solution to this. I think the price is actually good, it's just the value is hard to discern to a new player. Granted, every time a new map is made public, the value of the mega maps pack increases, and same goes with potential new features for the mega strategy pack. I would be interested to see a graph of the levels required to unlock maps. I would guess level 5 would have the most maps. (That's where all mine sit.)

Side note, When looking up these prices I found a bug. From warzone.com/unlockables if you click either 'Premium colors' or 'Name changes' the '<<Go back' link takes you to the account settings page, and not unlockables. The purchase clans page also does not have a 'back' link.
Update 4.01.1: 12/6/2017 22:02:37

Level 61
Nice job cleaning up uservoice. It is odd to see the notifications that say An idea you supported has been denied...when I just commented on them (all saying they were bad ideas btw), and did not vote for them.

Might be best to reword that to an idea that i contributed on, or something like that :)
Update 4.01.1: 12/7/2017 06:24:49

Level 63

Warzone Creator
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