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harassment: 11/28/2017 21:20:31

Level 59
what do you do about harassment? There is a player who lost, and he did not take it well, and he has been chatting and messaging me constantly, even after days of me not writing to him. He is a poor looser, and is on a clan. In his messages he uses foul language, calls names, gives put-downs, will not stop. I have blacklisted him yet the game still pops up (it's ended long ago) because he keeps trying to chat with me. His clan has been notified and is displeased. What further actions can be taken to make him stop bothering me?
harassment: 11/28/2017 21:27:51

Level 60
Have you reported him?

Given that you have already Blacklisted him, it sounds like the old game is the only way that you are being bothered? Firstly, a good rule is to not feed trolls. Secondly, if they game is old it will get archived at some point (not sure when) and it will no longer be possible to chat in it. In the mean time, is it too much to just ignore the game? Just never open it?

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harassment: 11/28/2017 21:30:07

master of desaster 
Level 66
You should report him except the players name was NZPhoenix(Ahol)
- downvoted post by Not Tito
harassment: 11/28/2017 21:45:29

Level 62
Afaik it shouldn't be possible to write more than 50 consecutive msgs.
Report, then ignore.
harassment: 11/28/2017 21:47:22

Level 52
ok, thanks kind folk.
harassment: 11/28/2017 21:58:23

᠌ ᠌ ᠌᠌ ᠌ ᠌ ᠌
Level 32
Can you link the game?
harassment: 11/28/2017 22:22:30

Level 29
(ignore this)

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