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map making: 11/26/2017 20:52:36

Alkri Nitten
Level 52
I need help.

I am trying to make a map for Warzone for the first time, i have practized for a while. However, when i upload the map the armies keep getting to large for the territories. My Canavas are at maximum size (3330x2400), i have pixel units at everything and i check if my territories are big enough using a 20x20(px) circle as a guy sowed on me you tube. I am drawing over a picture, trying to make a detailed map. The territories are perfect with width and height
(example 63x122pixels) when drawing it using Incscape. Anyway, when i upload it to warlight, the armies are to large to fit my territories. I have pushed the map to the limit, and don't want to delete the entire map and remake it.

Are there anything i have missed? What am i doing wrong? What can i do to fix it? pleace help me.

Here is a link to the map, its just an example: https://www.warzone.com/SinglePlayer?PreviewMap=70609

Edited 11/26/2017 20:59:19
map making: 11/26/2017 21:01:10

Level 60
First, can you please shere the preview link to your map? It's easeir to just see what you see :)

In the design map screen / map editior click link for sheering in the left menu. You will have a link like this there.


"My Canavas are at maximum size (3330x2400) Odds are you can use way smaller. Smaller is more in the case of map-making

I have pushed the map to the limit

Not sure what you mean by this, so this is why the preview map link is helpful.

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map making: 11/26/2017 21:05:29

Level 55
When I clicked the map for your map, there's a lot of black space in the map, so it seems like you need to adjust the canvas to only show Norway.

Edited 11/26/2017 21:08:10
map making: 11/26/2017 21:07:23

Clint Eastwood
Level 59
Are you double sure you're using pixel measurements and not millimeters? I've done that a few times, even after I was 100% sure it was already set to pixel measurements.

Edited 11/26/2017 21:08:58
map making: 11/26/2017 22:47:03

Alkri Nitten
Level 52
Thanks for the good advice!

TBest: here is the link again: https://www.warzone.com/SinglePlayer?PreviewMap=70609

Abraxis: so it is not usual to have that much black space for the maps? Because i have extended the map as much as i could in incscape, and as you probably can see, i tried to split Norway in two parts, to increase the map size even more.

Clint Eastwood: I am pretty sure that it is pixel, but I might be wrong. And could the wrong measurements be the case that there is so much blackness in the map? Do you suggest that i just do everything all over again, or is it possible to use the same drawing, on maybe a new document?

and i tried to do upload the maps with only the two territories, along with decreasing the canvas. here is the result:

Keep up with your very helpful advises, that is appreciated a lot! :)

Edited 11/26/2017 22:51:29
map making: 11/26/2017 23:24:12

Level 57
Many people have had this problem

Threads about this:

I think this may be a problem with your viewbox. Under document properties there may be a viewbox setting under "scale". If so, make viewbox x and viewbox y 0.

If not, this is a more complicated issue to fix.
Try going to your xml files (control+shift+x) and click on the top thing which should be your svg id.
Then in the box on the right called "name", scoll down to viewbox. Change the first 2 numbers to 0 and 0, and change the 3rd / 4th numbers to your width / height.

This should fix the problem you are experiencing.

Edit: This is what your viewbox should look like: https://postimg.org/image/6n3lfg2uf/

Edited 11/26/2017 23:27:36
map making: 11/27/2017 16:13:17

Alkri Nitten
Level 52
Thank you so much, Taran. Thanks to you i have finally solved the issue. you are right, my view box was under "scale". after i fixed it The map looks perfect. thanks for all the replies from you folks, expect to see the new map done in matter of days. :)

Thank you all.
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